Chrissie Swan's 'ridiculous' response to MasterChef star's cancer battle

The Project's Chrissie Swan has been slammed on Twitter for her shock response to MasterChef Australia's Minoli De Silva sharing the story of her cancer diagnosis on Monday night.

Minoli, 35, appeared on the show to promote her appearance on MasterChef, revealing the heartbreaking story of how she found out her breast cancer had returned the same day she was approached to return to the cooking show.

The Project's Chrissie Swan speaking to Minoli De Silva
The Project's Chrissie Swan is being slammed over a comment made after MasterChef's Minoli DeSilva shared a story of her cancer battle. Photo: Ten

"It was probably the day that had the biggest high and the biggest low I ever had. It seemed surreal," she said.

"In the morning I got a call from my doctor and he told me that the breast cancer had come back from an ultrasound that happened a week ago and I cried just more tears than I can remember crying in a long time."


She continued, "Then, MasterChef calls me up in the afternoon and it was like, 'We've got some news that might be really shocking.' I didn't say anything and they told me I had got a chance to come back into the MasterChef kitchen."

Chrissie then ignored what Minoli said altogether and fumbled a response, saying, "Wow from the sublime to the ridiculous, I don't know which one is which!"

MasterChef's Minoli De Silva on The Project
Minoli shared how the same day she found out she'd be returning to MasterChef, she also found out her breast cancer had returned. Photo: Ten

Minoli appeared a little surprised with Chrissie's co-host Sarrah Le Marquand jumping in and changing the subject to jaffles, with no one mentioning her cancer battle again.

"Let's talk jaffles," she said. "Your jaffle saved all of the favourites from elimination last night. We want to know how did they thank you?"

Viewers couldn't let the awkward moment slide with one shocked Twitter user questioning, "Did The Project just brush over Minoli's cancer diagnosis?"

"Chrissie saying 'from the sublime to the ridiculous' after Minoli talked about getting a cancer diagnosis and a call from Masterchef on the same day was really poor. How about 'how are you feeling'," another user wrote, adding the hashtag "#whatwouldcarriedo".

Chrissie Swan/The Project tweets
Viewers slammed The Project for the awkward moment. Photo: Twitter

"I am dumbfounded @theprojecttv …not one of the commentators at least said they were sorry to hear about it, or I hope things have improved now… nothing! They just completely ignored it and talked about jaffles," a third added.

"'From sublime to ridiculous'. What a dreadful and thoughtless comment… what on earth did you mean? How about asking Minoli instead about her incredible and inspirational journey?" yet another shocked viewer questioned.

"Jeepers @theprojecttv... a MasterChef contestant just opened up to you about a breast cancer diagnosis, and because it wasn’t scripted for your panel with prepared responses, they just froze & completely ignored it?! Pretty woeful," someone else wrote.

Chrissie's 'mean' boss

Chrissie Swan
It comes after Chrissie revealed on the show she'd previously left a job on her first day. Photo: Ten

The moment came after Chrissie revealed on the show that she'd previously left a job on her first day.

Speaking of her "mean" boss at a sandwich bar, the TV personality said, "I went out for my lunch break and I was sitting in my car and my body would not walk back in! I could not go back in."

"I just couldn’t. It was so miserable. My boss was so mean," she added. "I turned my car on, and it was in the olden days when you had a key. I turned it and I put it into first and I drove away."

When asked if she regretted leaving, Chrissie said she didn't and would never encourage her children to "stick it out" at a bad job.

"This is probably bad parenting, but I would say, 'Life is too short to make sandwiches with an angry woman for ungrateful people,'" she said.

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