Chrissie Swan wows fans with 'greatest and easiest' Christmas cake recipe

The dessert is made up of just three ingredients.

Chrissie Swan has been praised on social media after she shared her recipe for “the greatest and easiest cake on the planet” using just three ingredients.

Taking to Instagram this week, the beloved TV personality and radio host posted a video showing her followers how to make a chocolate ripple cake.

Chrissie Swan making her chocolate ripple cake.
Chrissie Swan has shared the recipe for her three-ingredient chocolate ripple cake. Photos: Instagram/chrissieswan

The dessert is made up of 500ml thickened cream, a “generous squirt” of vanilla paste, and one packet of Arnott’s Choc Ripple biscuits.

“I am ALARMED by how many people have not stuffed themselves with the greatest and easiest cake on the planet,” she wrote in the caption.

“I can’t believe this is necessary but I won’t SLEEP until we’ve ALL experienced the magic of the CHOCOLATE RIPPLE CAKE!”


Chrissie began by mixing the vanilla into the cream and whipping until “super thick”, and then spreading some of it onto a sheet of foil to make a base. She then created a log by layering the biscuits and the cream, which she compared to “building a house”.

“The biscuit is the brick and the cream is the mortar,” she detailed. “You just whack it one after the other.”

The Masked Singer judge then covered the entire dessert with cream, wrapped it in foil and refrigerated it overnight. She decorated the log with Christmas ornaments and sprinkled crushed peppermint chocolate bars, which is an optional extra, and cut it diagonally to serve.

Chrissie Swan's chocolate ripple cake.
Chrissie described the dessert as ‘the greatest and easiest cake on the planet’. Photos: Instagram/chrissieswan

'Best dessert ever!'

Chrissie’s followers quickly took to the comments to praise the easy dessert and share their excitement at making it themselves, with Tina Arena writing: “Ok… I’m gonna have a go.”

“So glad you posted this because I had no idea how to make one or how easy it was! Might be my new ‘go to’ party plate,” one person replied.

“Never heard of it. Are the biscuits soggy or do they retain the crunch?” someone else asked, to which Chrissie responded, “Fudgey softness”.

Meanwhile, plenty of people shared that the dessert has been a classic in their household for decades.

“Gosh I haven’t made one of those in years!” Chrissie’s Big Brother co-star Reggie Bird remarked, followed by MasterChef’s Poh Ling Yeow who said, “This was my wedding cake. I made all my family make a section so it was a giant wonky heart”.

“This is definitely an ‘Aussie 70/80s childhood’ fave,” a different user commented. “Like Waldorf salad, pineapple & coconut salad, and if you were really fancy by the end of the 80s, a Viennetta.”

“I did not think it was possible that people had not made or consumed a choc ripple cake! SO good!” one fan wrote.


“If it's for adults, dip the biscuit in Tia Maria, Baileys, Marsala or Kahlua,” another follower suggested, while someone else added, “Also a great hack is to use ginger nut biscuits”.

“This is the best dessert ever!” a fan declared.

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