Chrissie Swan's 'genius' $4 Bunnings hack sends shoppers wild

A time-saving hack at the supermarket that means you don't need to bring any plastic bags with you.

She’s currently starring as a guessing panelist on The Masked Singer Australia but it’s Chrissie Swan’s latest life hack that has everyone talking.

The 49-year-old TV and radio star took to her Instagram account to reveal a pretty nifty hack she’s been using while shopping since the beginning of the year, and it means you can leave your shopping bags at home.

In the video, Chrissie explains that she bought two big plastic containers from Bunnings for about $4 each and loads them straight into a shallow trolley when she gets to the supermarket.

Chrissie Swan in the supermarket
Chrissie Swan has sent fans wild with her Bunnings supermarket hack. Photo: Instagram/Chrissie Swan

She loads the baskets with her items while she goes around the shop and then takes them all out at the checkout desk.

Instead of messing around with plastic bags, Chrissie simply puts all the items back into the baskets and brings them out to the car.


“No pesky bag. You’re welcome,” she said.

People were obsessed with Chrissie’s hack, with one person saying: “That is genius. Level unlocked. You may now start a cult. I will follow.”

Chrissie Swan smiling from the boot of her car
Fans called the hack 'genius'. Photo: Instagram/Chrissie Swan

“You know what? I have to stop with the bags and start the buckets because I honestly don’t know where to put the bags in the house!? Is a great idea and so practical! Thank you beautiful,” another person wrote.

"Ok, mind blown!! I’m doing this! Great solution to me carrying it all in my arms and dropping things on way back to car… or putting it all loose in trolley and then loading it into car after," a fan wrote.

However, others saw a flaw in Chrissie’s hack, saying she could save even more time if she followed this simple step.

“Just buy one extra (spare) basket. Leave it stacked with one you are filling up with shopping, so you don’t waste any trolley space. When you get to the checkout, put the empty basket on the bagging side of the checkout. Then just scan items straight out of one basket & into the other. Saves time due to double-handling & don't have to empty out any baskets before you start,” the commenter wrote.

"Now I just have to remember to put the tubs back in the car," another follower wrote, with Chrissie agreeing saying: "Yes that is the challenge for me also!"

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