Chrissie Swan teases secret project with Abbie Chatfield

The Masked Singer judges Chrissie Swan and Abbie Chatfield are teaming up once again.

Chrissie announced their future collaboration by sharing a photo of the pair wearing matching red jumpsuits on Instagram.

L: Chrissie Swan and Abbie Chatfield wearing matching red jumpsuits. R: Chrissie Swan and Abbie Chatfield at a dinner
The Masked Singer stars Chrissie Swan and Abbie Chatfield are working together again. Photo: Instagram/chrissieswan & sports_guy_si

“Again. What on earth are we up to?” the Big Brother star captioned the snap, adding a laughing emoji.

Chrissie and Abbie have red hoods on their heads, and are pictured resting their hands on a crouching red statue of a man.


While the pair haven't shared what their secret project is, they hinted that it could be something physical, with both stars wearing running shoes.

In a hilarious reveal, Chrissie joked that they looked like Squid Games contestants in their matching outfits.

The unlikely duo bonded on the most recent season of The Masked Singer, with Abbie gushing about their friendship on Instagram last week.

Mel B, Abbie Chatfield, Dave Hughes, Chrissie Swan on the set of The Masked Singer
The pair were on the latest season of The Masked Singer together. Photo: Instagram/maskedsingerau

“How lucky am I to have found a friendship with such a beautiful soul? I think my friendship with Chrissie Swan is my favourite thing to come out of this career. I’ve always admired her from afar, but now I get to do it up close!!! Love you chook,” she wrote alongside a carousel of photos.

Chrissie returned the love, telling Abbie that she ‘feels like family’.

“What a gift! Love you too, chook. Can’t wait to have you in The Compound next week. Bring Uggs!” Chrissie commented.

‘I’m obsessed with her’

Abbie recently spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about her friendship with Chrissie and admitted that the former Big Brother star is her “favourite person” she’s ever worked with.

“I just adore her. I’m obsessed with her,” she gushed. “I’m Chrissie Swan’s number one fan.

“She gives such big sister energy to me and she really is a mentor and someone I really look up to and respect. I mean, I said for a long time that she's someone who I really admire in media, and through working with her I’ve become so close to her.

“I think I'm staying at her house in a couple of weeks,” she added with a laugh. “She’s just divine.”

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