Chrissie Swan 'seduces' co-hosts with Olivia Wilde's salad dressing

Chrissie Swan has weighed in on the drama surrounding the messy split between Hollywood stars Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis.

The couple’s former nanny recently told the Daily Mail that Jason was distraught when Olivia left him for pop singer Harry Styles. Reportedly, Olivia had a ‘special salad dressing’ she made for the couple in happier times, but recently chose to make it for Harry instead.

L: Chrissie Swan shocked while talking on radio. R: Salad dressing being poured onto chopped salad.
Chrissie Swan made Olivia Wilde's famous 'special salad dressing'. Photo: Instagram/chrissiesamandbrowny

While the exact recipe hasn't been confirmed, Chrissie decided to make a salad dressing that Olivia once shared with The Food Network to ‘seduce’ her radio co-hosts

Nova's Chrissie, Sam & Browny shared the video on Instagram, with the caption reading: “What’s the big deal about Olivia Wilde’s salad dressing? Chrissie made it to see if the boys would suddenly start getting seduced…it was weird.”


The star sliced a shallot thinly, before adding red wine vinegar, honey, olive oil, garlic and Dijon mustard in a container. After she seasoned it with salt and pepper, she closed the container up and gave it a big shake.

“Mmm, definitely smells like cheating,” she joked as she poured her dressing onto some freshly chopped lettuce.

Two photos of Chrissie Swan holding salad dressing
Chrissie mentioned that the salad dressing 'smelled like cheating'. Photo: Instagram/chrissysamandbrowny

“I’m going to take this in and get the boys to taste it, and see if they feel like cheating straight after,” she told her fans.

The star asked co-hosts Jonathan 'Browny' Brown and Sam Pang to taste the salad dressing while live on-air.

“Jonathan is about to taste it,” Chrissie told listeners, adding that she had already taken a bite.

“It is good, it made me want to hire a gigolo. It’s pretty good, I think you’ll like it,” she quipped as Sam tried a mouthful.

“Mmm. I am erect,” Sam said, sending everybody into stitches.

L: Sam Pang eating salad while on-air. R: Jonathan Brown eats salad while on-air
Sam had a shocking response to Olivia Wilde's salad dressing. Photo: Instagram/chrissysamandbrowny

Their fans went wild over the hilarious video, with people stunned by Sam’s X-rated comment.

“I legit couldn’t stop laughing this morning! ‘I am erect’ got me real good!” one fan wrote.

“I immediately had a mental image,” another admitted.

“I just spat out my cornflakes,” a third chimed in.

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