Chloé Hayden on the 'pressure' of filming Heartbreak High season two

EXCLUSIVE: Chloé Hayden spills on Heartbreak High's second season and how she helped create Quinni.

From writing a book to launching a podcast, Chloé Hayden has been extremely busy over the past 12 months.

The 26-year-old actress rose to fame with Netflix’s reboot of Heartbreak High and was recently nominated for the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent at this year’s Logie Awards.

Chloé Hayden in the Yahoo studio / Heartbreak High poster.
Chloé Hayden opens up about filming Heartbreak High’s highly-anticipated second season. Photos: Yahoo/Netflix

Ahead of the 63rd Annual TV WEEK Logie Awards, Chloé opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle about her enormous success and the pressure she feels about filming Heartbreak High’s highly-anticipated second season.

Heartbreak High did incredible, not just in Australia but internationally,” she says. “We were in the top five for weeks in so many countries and there's definitely that pressure there like, am I gonna be a one-hit wonder?

“And also the pressure of like, do I still know how to act?” she adds with a laugh. “There's definitely that pressure there of making sure that it is as good as it was last time and making sure that I am as good as I was last time.”


Chloé adds that because it’s been a while since they filmed season one, she can only remember the “beautifully edited, curated version of the show”.

“I'm kind of losing the actual days and the actual filming and stuff like that,” she explains. “I'm just seeing the curated version, and I'm comparing myself to this beautifully curated version of myself on the show.

“So it is a little bit hard to kind of have that comparison being like, I don't know if it's gonna be the same as it was. But now having seen bits and pieces and being halfway through it now, I’m like, oh no, we've got something really incredibly special here.

“It is going to be very special and very exciting and you're gonna see things that you haven't seen before.”

Chloé Hayden in Heartbreak High.
Chloé says the process of creating Quinni has been ‘incredibly collaborative’. Photo: Netflix

'Incredibly collaborative'

Speaking about her character Quinni, Chloé says the process of bringing her to life has been “incredibly collaborative”.

“Even from reading the scripts there were bits and pieces that I was like, ‘Hey, I don't really know if this is Quinni’,” she details. “And I was able to have those really open conversations with Hannah [Carroll Chapman], who's the creator of the show, and with the writers of the show and they were like, ‘Great, let's change it then’.

“And that's a continuing process, like every day we have new conversations and change things up. I'm really lucky to have that relationship with them and also to have this relationship with their autism consultant that they have that was part of the writing process. Her name’s Kathleen [Lee] and she is beyond incredible and really, really brought Quinni’s character to life this season.”


Chloé, who is one of the first autistic actors to portray an autistic character on-screen, also shares that it’s an honour to represent her community on such a global platform.

“So many young people and older people alike are seeing themselves in her for the first time ever,” she remarks. “It's the first time that people have seen this sort of representation before.

“I literally get probably 10 messages a day saying that because of Quinni people are getting their autism diagnosis. People are literally discovering very, very massive parts of their identity because of Quinni, she’s doing incredible things.”

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