Cheating boyfriend exposes himself with nightclub kissing photo

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A cheating boyfriend has exposed himself to his girlfriend after accidentally showing her a photo of him kissing another woman on a night out with friends.

Heather McGeachan took to her TikTok account to post a video explaining the whole thing, saying they were out for dinner when her boyfriend showed her the snap of his friends on a night out.

Heather McGeachan TikTok cheating video
Heather McGeachan took to her Instagram page to reveal how she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. Photo: TikTok/Heather McGeachan

He thought it was funny that a guy in the background of the photo looked exactly like him.

The only thing was that the photo was actually of him and it showed him kissing another woman.

When his girlfriend pointed this out to him, he tried to deny it was him, before the penny finally dropped and he was forced to confess everything.

Her face in the video says it all really, looking horrified that her boyfriend had actually shown her a photo of him cheating on her.


Woman finding out her boyfriend is cheating on her
Her boyfriend had showed her an image oh himself cheating on her in a nightclub. Photo: TikTok/Heather McGeachan

People were quick to comment saying that the same thing had happened to them.

“My ex had another girl as his home screen and tried to tell me it was me,” one person wrote.

“A photo of my ex kissing a girl in a club ended up on the club’s facebook page and all of my friends found it,” another person revealed.

“I’ve done this. I was secretly hanging out with an ex my frends hated and sent them a cute beach selfie. His reflection was in my sunglasses,” another person said.

Others thought she had a lucky escape, writing: “Sometimes the trash takes itself out”.

“I’m sorry that happened but boy, he doesn’t sound like the brightest candle on the cake,” another person wrote.

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