Bride 'seething' after sister in law 'steals' her dream dress

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A bride has been left ‘seething’ after discovering that her future sister-in-law had ‘stolen’ her dream wedding dress — despite being asked not to.

The furious woman took to a wedding Facebook group to air her grievances in a lengthy post, explaining that her fiancé had proposed almost two years ago but that her sister-in-law has recently become engaged to her brother.

a screenshot of a facebook comment from an angry bride
A bride has been left 'seething' after her sister in law 'stole' her dream wedding dress. Photo: Facebook.

Copy cat

The pair were planning to marry a month before the woman and her fiancé and, in order to avoid doubling up on dresses, the woman had asked her sister-in-law to keep clear of the two gowns she’s picked out for her big day.

“I’ve spent the entire day seething,” she wrote.

“My sister-in-law got engaged last month, we [my fiancé and I] got engaged in April 2019. She wants to get married this year and asked if that was okay.

“I said of course, just please don’t have a dress similar to mine [...] obviously I don’t want anyone thinking I copied her as you know half our wedding guests are the same people!”


A composite image of a wedding dress on a mannequin and A model wearing a wedding dress
The bride had chosen the gown on the left for the ceremony and the one on the right for the reception afterward. Photo: Facebook.

‘Is she joking!!!’

The woman made sure to send her sister-in-law a photo of her chosen dresses — one for the ceremony and one for the reception — but according to her, her wishes were not heeded.

“She went and asked a designer to make her dream dress, photo included. ITS BOTH OF MY DRESSES COMBINED,” the woman claimed.

She also claimed that her sister-in-law had thrown her off the scent by sending her a photo of a ‘decoy’ dress which was nothing like the one she eventually chose.

“She’s had a convenient change of mind. She is rich so she can buy any dress in the world and she copies me, is she f***ing joking!!!

“Please tell me I am not tripping and she really went and is trying to steal my god damn dress! I have experienced a new rage today that I did not know existed.”

A model wearing a wedding dress
The dress that the bride's sister in law chose is, in her opinion, a copy of her two chosen dresses. Photo: Facebook.

The bride’s fellow Facebook users wasted no time in weighing in on the situation, with the majority saying that they couldn’t really see a similarity between any of the dresses.

“The only similarity is kind of the neckline and MAYBE the colour since they look kind of silver. Otherwise, your two dresses do not resemble the [sister-in-law’s] dress,” wrote one.

“I don't see many similarities in the 3 dresses. I don't think ppl will remember the dress from the first wedding anyway. You should just relax and enjoy planning your wedding!” advised another.

Others openly disliked the sister-in-law’s dress, telling the bride to be happy with her choices.

“Girl let her wear it, it’s ugly as hell,” one wrote.

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