The Chase star Mark 'The Beast' Labbett loses 60kg

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Mark 'The Beast' Labbett is a fan favourite on The Chase and standing at 6ft 6in, he's always played up to his nickname.

But now, the quizzer has lost a huge 63kg and revealing how proud he is to fit into clothing off the rack, rather than ordering bespoke XXXXL items.

The Chase's Mark Labbett
The Chase's Mark Labbett has shared an update on his weight loss journey, revealing he's lost 60kg. Photo: Getty

The 55-year-old changed his eating habits in order to lose weight, choosing to eat only two meals a day and upping his activity with a daily walk.

At his heaviest, Mark weighed in at 184kg, telling The Sun, "This is the lightest I've been in 25 years."


"I’m now under 20 stone [127kg], and I am really feeling the difference, as well as seeing it," he added.

"I’m now down to a 44-inch waist, my chest is 54 inches, while my neck measurements are down to 19 inches, which is fantastic for me and the top end of a normal man’s range.

Mark Labbett weight loss transformation before and after
The Quiz master said he is the 'lightest' he has ever been. Photo: Instagram//Mark Labbett

"My knees really feel the difference. I will never be athletic again but I just move so much better for not carrying that extra weight."

He also shared his excitement at the thought of going shopping and being able to buy clothing "off-the-peg".

Mark told the publication he'd always struggled with his weight, revealing at school he was called the "Incredible Hulk" and "Honey Monster" as well as "other appalling nicknames" that he chose not to share.

The TV star was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2016, causing him to cut down on sugar. He was told he couldn't get a gastric band or bypass as the sugar would go straight through it.

Mark shared this photo at the beginning of the year, showing the difference in his face
Mark shared this photo at the beginning of the year, showing the difference in his face since losing weight. Photo: Instagram/Mark Labbett

After testing positive for Covid-19 last year, Mark lost more weight due to a loss of appetite. He's also upped his exercise regime before lockdown.

Mark's fans have been sharing their support of the star, with one Instagram user writing, "Proud of you at any size. The measure of a man is not his weight."

"Well done! It's hard, but worth it," another wrote.

"You're looking great Mark and doing so well!" someone else added.

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