The Chase star The Beast slammed for anti-lockdown message

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The Chase star The Beast is no stranger to controversy but now Mark Labbett has waded into debate around coronavirus restrictions, to the displeasure of many a fan.

The 55-year-old UK star took to Twitter to weigh in on the nation’s latest wave of coronavirus cases.

Mark Labbet The Chase star the Beast says no to second lockdown UK controversial Tweet
The Beast, Mark Labbett shared his very vocal stance against a second lockdown in the UK to Twitter. Photo: ITV

UK politicians have warned the rise in cases could mean a second lockdown period, something the quiz show personality is clearly not even considering supporting.

Sharing the hashtag ‘say no to lockdown’ on Sunday UK time, the celebrity seemed to call on followers to resist the potential attempt to curb the coronavirus cases, a move that didn’t go across too well with all his fans.

Photo: Twitter/ ITV
Photo: Twitter/ ITV

Hours later he tweeted that he was blocking those who responded by questioning his intelligence, something the professional quizzer prides himself on.

“Blocking a lot of people this afternoon,” he wrote. “Politics is all about discussion/argument but questioning my intelligence is pretty counterproductive #SayNoToLockdown.”

Mark Labbet tweet reads: “Blocking a lot of people this afternoon. Politics is all about discussion/argument but questioning my intelligence is pretty counterproductive #SayNoToLockdown.”
Photo: Twitter

On the original message, the response was divided with some praising the star for opposing the lockdown, others questioning what he thought the alternative was.

“I find your lack of compassion unsettling,” one wrote.

“Come on Mark,” a disappointed fan wrote. “Poor from you.”

“If we need to go into lockdown then we should,” another wrote. “People are dying.”

“To total lockdown yes,” said one more sympathetic to the star’s comments.

Some did agree with him, concerned at the economic fallout of a second lockdown, while others argued we have to live alongside the virus.

Official health advice continues to be curbing the spread, not living among the virus.


A controversial year of headlines for now-divorced Mark Labbet

Mark Labbett wife Katie second cousin, cheating drama made headlines
Mark's tumultuous relationship with ex-wife and second cousin Katie has kept fans fascinated for months. Photo: Twitter/ ITV

It’s not the first time Mark has stirred up controversy, although the last time he hit headlines it was following his split from his wife and second cousin Katie in August.

The 55-year-old married nurse Katie, 28, in 2014 and the couple share a three-year-old son.

The pair have been plagued with rumours of marital unrest for years.

They split temporarily last year after Katie admitted to having an affair with 30-year-old design engineer Scott Bate.

For the sake of their son, Mark and Katie later reconciled and tried to make the marriage work, while she remained in a relationship with Scott.

Now the pair have decided to end their relationship in an amicable split.

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