Channel Nine news anchor Peter Overton's awkward on-air gaffe

Channel Nine news anchor Peter Overton was left red-faced after he made an embarrassing mistake during Tuesday night's bulletin.

The anchor was reading a news item about Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr and her husband Evan Spiegel paying off at least $14 million worth of debt for 2022 graduating students at the Otis College of Art and Design.

Peter Overton presenting Channel Nine's news bulletin.
Peter Overton made the mistake while presenting Channel Nine's news bulletin. Source: Channel Nine

Whilst reading the 6pm bulletin, however, Peter had a slip of the tongue when referring to the supermodel.

"A life-changing surprise for art and design graduates in Los Angeles," he began.

"Aussie super mole, ah, model Miranda Kerr and her Snapchat founder husband Evan Spiegel promised to cover the cost of their tuition."

Viewers were quick to notice the gaffe, with many taking to Twitter to point it out.

"OMG did Peter Overton just say what I thought he did? #SuperMoll Miranda Kerr? Ooooopsss...." one tweeted.

"Did Peter Overton just call Miranda Kerr a super mole? lol Freudian slip," another commented.

"It WILL make the Channel 9 staff Christmas party tape," a third added.

It's not the first time a TV presenter has made a gaffe on air, with The Project's Lisa Wilkinson caught completely frozen during a segment last year.

The seasoned host suffered the momentary gaffe after the program returned from a commercial break, and the camera focused in on her.

Instead of continuing on with the show as one might expect, Lisa was caught almost frozen, and remained completely silent staring at the camera.

The awkward moment stretched on until The Project's Susie Youssef began speaking off-camera to introduce the next segment.


In 2020, Sonia Kruger was left mortified after she made an X-rated gaffe during an appearance on The Morning Show.

The 55-year-old was giving her sister Debbie, who is a hairdresser, a plug after getting her hair styled by her when she was working on Channel Seven's show Holey Moley in Queensland.

Sonia Kruger speaking on The Morning Show.
Sonia Kruger made an X-rated gaffe on The Morning Show. Source: Channel 7

But she hilariously misspoke, leaving co-hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur and the entire studio in hysterics.

“My sister's a hairdresser, so if you're looking for a good blow job... blow wave,” she was quick to correct herself but the damage had been done.

“In America, they call it a blowout. I think that's what I just had, a blowout,” Sonia added trying to explain the mishap, growing increasingly red in the face.

“Lucky we're not live, they'll probably cut that out!” Larry joked, before adding: “I tell you what, your sister's just been booked out for months!”

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