Lisa Wilkinson suffers awkward on-air gaffe on The Project

Lisa Wilkinson was caught completely frozen during Tuesday night’s episode of The Project, leading to an extremely awkward moment of silence during the live show.

The seasoned host suffered the momentary gaffe after the program returned from a commercial break, and the camera focused in on her.

the project fail lisa wilkinson
Lisa was left staring at the camera in complete silence. Photo: Channel 10

However, instead of continuing on with the show as one might expect, Lisa was caught almost frozen, and remained completely silent staring at the camera.

The awkward moment stretched on, until co-host Susie Youssef began speaking off camera to introduce the next segment.

The camera then finally cut to Susie, who continued on as if nothing had happened.

Neither of the hosts said anything about the momentary mix up, which is believed to be a result of a technical glitch, in which the wrong camera was used.


the project Susie Youssef 
Susie Youssef saved the day. Photo: Channel 10

It’s not the first time Lisa’s been caught in an ‘off-script’ moment at the desk.

In December, Lisa was abruptly shut down during an interview with Wonder Woman 1984 star Kristen Wiig.

The 61-year-old host was chatting with Kristen about her role in the movie when she was shut down by a publicist.

Kristen had given one word in answer to the question before the publicist jumped in and said, "That's all the time we have, Lisa. Thank you."

Lisa laughed the interruption off, but Kristen appeared to be a little shocked and apologetic about being cut off.

lisa wilkinson the project
Lisa was in hysterics on The Project. Photo: Channel Ten

A few months ago, she was also left in complete hysterics on The Sunday Project after an F-Bomb fail during a segment with comedian Tommy Little.

The seasoned host was at one point slumped over the desk with her head down struggling to regain her composure, after a sports segment showed a passionate mother swearing on the sidelines of an NRL match.

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