Celebrity Apprentice's Beck Zemek on the 'absolute worst' part of filming

Former MAFS star Beck Zemek has had a pretty huge year since her season of the show finished airing last year, not only is she appearing on Celebrity Apprentice this month, but the reality star is also getting ready to welcome her first baby with boyfriend Ben Mitchell any day now.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about the last 12 months, Beck shared, "The last year has been the biggest blur of my life, an absolute whirlwind! I can't even describe what's happened really!

Celebrity Apprentice and former MAFS star Beck Zemek
Celebrity Apprentice and former MAFS star Beck Zemek has revealed the 'absolute worst' part of filming the show. Photo: Nine

"Obviously, I have found love, and the love of my life, unfortunately not on the show, but I'm still really happy," she added. "I've moved house, I'm obviously expecting, starting [renovations]. I don't know, I think I found my mojo and life literally got flipped on its absolute head, but I feel like for all the right reasons, and I'm finally finding my purpose, so it's been amazing!"

Beck added that her baby is actually due on her birthday May 23, but joked she'll "probably" arrive on the same day as the Celebrity Apprentice premiere, on the 22nd.

The 'worst part' about shooting Celeb Apprentice

Beck Zemek and partner Ben Mitchell
Beck is getting ready to welcome her first baby with boyfriend Ben Mitchell any day now. Photo: Instagram/Ben Mitchell

Speaking of her pregnancy, Beck revealed she was only three weeks along when she left WA for Sydney to film the show.

"I decided at first like, this is probably not what I should be doing right now. I should stay home," she told us. "I was feeling bloody awesome though, I was like, 'Yeah! This is amazing!'"


She shocked her manager with the exciting news, but decided because she was feeling so good, she'd fly to Sydney and do the show, "So, off I go and it's like the plane literally took off and as soon as it literally touched down in Sydney, I had morning sickness. It was the worst, I can't even describe!"

Beck added that the producers were great and had a doctor on set for her as she was constantly vomiting, "But it was the worst it was the absolute worst, I can't even describe morning sickness the way I had it. I don't know why it's called morning sickness. It's 24/7, they need a new name for that."

"We were trying to keep it a secret," she added. "It wasn't really working out because there were times where I was on set and just sitting there in silence smiling and I knew that the producers obviously knew about it and could see that I was not feeling great.

Beck during a Celebrity Apprentice challenge
Beck during a Celebrity Apprentice challenge. Photo: Nine

"And it's like okay, how do I get myself off-scene right now to go and vomit to come back and you know, compose myself. So it was extremely challenging for me, extremely, especially very early on in the piece."

She joked that once everyone found out they were very excited and understood why she'd been acting strange, but thought she had been running off with producers all the time to "talk about gameplay".

"Everyone was amazing," Beck said of the crew and cast but added the "worst part" was when everyone was drinking Champagne and soft cheese in the boardroom while she was unable to do the same and couldn't explain why.

"But look, alcohol never worked on TV for me last time, so it's probably a good thing," she joked, referencing her time on MAFS.

Beck 'heartbroken' Samantha Jade called her 'nasty'

Samantha Jade on Celebrity Apprentice
Beck said Samantha Jade, pictured, is one of her favourite people, despite the singer calling her 'nasty' in a trailer. Photo: Nine

Speaking of a moment in a teaser trailer where Samantha Jade describes Beck as "nasty", the reality star said she was "heartbroken by that comment".

"She could have made that comment about anyone," Beck said, hopefully. "It is a trailer to hype it up. I absolutely love Samantha Jade, she is probably close to one of my favourite people in the absolute world. And at the end of the day, it is a show and what happens you know on-screen and off-screen were completely different, us girls even went out to dinner a lot and became extremely close.

"But we're all there to compete at the end of the day and have fun and, you know, fight for our charities. So that's a lot of what people should expect to see!"

The celebrities that surprised Beck the most

Celebrity Apprentice
Beck shared who surprised her the most out of the cast. Photo: Nine

Speaking about her fellow celebrities, Beck said she was excited to meet everyone, "I literally kept saying, I'm a D-grade celebrity over here, I'm here to meet the A-grade celebs. And we have some amazing people on this season. I was honestly blown away, some of these people and the things they do in their professions – like a big one for me was Benji Marshall, he's just so genuine, so down to earth."

She added that the most surprising celebrity for her was Turia Pitt, "I think I over fangirled when I met her and I didn't really know how to act around her.

"But I think she kind of took me like trying to get to know her as I don't know, I don't think we warmed as well as I thought we would."

She added, "But then there's some that were the opposite as well, that completely shocked me like Carla from Bankstown. I'd spoken to and known of, but actually meeting Carla, AKA Ben, in real life was amazing. Just the energy is like real, it's there, it's there all the time, always lifting everyone up. Really unexpected."

Beck added that Darren McMullen was the sneakiest celebrity on the show, "Definitely Darren, I was convinced that Darren was literally the replacement of Lord Sugar when I first met him! How confident he is – and I don't know if it's the accent and the charm, like on camera and off camera he's the exact same person, he's just got a way with his words."

Celebrity Apprentice premieres on Sunday, May 22 at 7pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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