MAFS’ Beck Zemek reveals baby's gender: ‘Merry Christmas to us'

Married At First Sight star Beck Zemek has revealed the gender of her baby, just days after announcing she’s expecting her first child with her partner, Ben Michell.

Beck, who appeared on last year’s season of the show, took to Instagram to upload a video of the couple standing near a pool area on what looks to be Christmas Day, with Beck holding a black 'Girl or Boy?' balloon.

MAFS' Beck Zemek's gender reveal
MAFS' Beck Zemek has revealed the gender of her baby. Photo: Instagram/Beck Zemek
Beck Zemek having a baby girl
The former reality star was delighted with the news. Photo: Instagram/Beck Zemek

Ben could be seen popping the balloon, with pink confetti coming streaming out, much to the couple's delight.

Beck looked delighted when she saw the wave of pink, doing a little jig on the spot and hugging a smiling Ben.

"Merry Christmas to us," Beck captioned the footage.

Just last week, Beck uploaded a series of stunning photos of the pair on the beach, holding a sign saying the baby is due in May next year.


Married At First Sight's Beck Zemek hugging Ben Michell after their gender reveal
Beck was seen hugging Ben after the reveal. Photo: Instagram/Beck Zemek

“The secret is out,” she captioned the post.

“Ben and I are over the moon to finally announce we are expecting a bundle of joy in May 2022. Thank you to everyone who has kept this a secret for such a long time!!! Also for all the wonderful support over the last few months, it truly means the world to us.

“Who knew the best was yet to come, this is such a miracle for us and we are already over filled with love for you little one.”

Beck Zemek and Ben Michell pose together
Last week, Beck anounced she's expecting her first child. Photo: Instagram/@beckemek

Her fellow MAFS stars rushed to the comments section to wish her and Ben congratulations, with Alana Lister writing: “Me so happy.”

Sam Carraro wrote:”Congrats Beck, that’s amazing news”, while Booka Nile said: ‘So excited for you two.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail last week, Beck said that she didn’t particularly enjoy filming the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice while pregnant.

“I don't like having to wear oversized denim jackets and avocados in public,” she joked, referring to a costume she wore for one of the challenges on the reality TV show.

The publication also reports that her Celebrity Apprentice co-stars knew that she was with child during filming but were “sworn to secrecy”.

Beck Zemek and Ben Michell selfie
Beck and Ben are believed to have dated before she went on the show. Photo: Instagram/@beckemek
Beck Zemek in a pink jumpsuit
Beck said the couple are over the moon. Photo: Instagram/@beckemek

While things didn’t go too well for Beck on MAFS - after her ‘marriage’ to Jake Edwards ended towards the end of the series - she confirmed she had found love in May this year.

Beck and Ben reportedly first started dating back in June 2020, prior to her appearance on the show, and recently reconnected.

Though some of the comments on social media suggested at the time that they remained close while she was on the show and he was the one Beck was seen kissing during the reality show's explosive finale.

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