Celebrity Apprentice's David Genat shocks fans with transformation

Celebrity Apprentice star David Genat, AKA the Golden God, is known for his long mane of hair and good looks, but the star shocked fans after sharing on his Instagram Stories he was dyeing his hair peroxide blonde.

Taking to his Stories, the 41-year-old shared the journey from the Perth salon Tao of Hair with his followers, saying, "So I've never put colour into my hair... ever."

David Genat on the runway
Celebrity Apprentice star David Genat has shocked fans with a huge hair transformation. Photo: Getty

"I hope it works out OK!" he added.

He shared videos of the process, showing his hair go through the bleaching, toning and the final result.

"And here it is, the final product," he said as he showed off his new platinum locks.


While David didn't make it to the end of Celebrity Apprentice, Janine Allis, who assisted Lord Alan Sugar in figuring out which celebrities should be fired or continue on in the show, claims he was definitely the "sneakiest" of the bunch.

"He was like, 'Love you!' then [imitates backstabbing]," she joked to Yahoo Lifestyle. "But equally, you know, he was probably the sneakiest, but he understood that that's what we need to do. The others had their moments at different times too, and when they were in the boardroom they were punching. Like it gets fiery, it is really intense, they come in and it's super intense."

David Genat poses for selfie
David showed off his new hair when he got home. Photo: Instagram/David Genat
David Genat at the hairdresser
David shared the full transformation from the hairdresser to his Instagram Stories. Photo: Instagram/David Genat

David admitted he wasn't all that happy to be fired by Lord Sugar during a tense boardroom meeting.

"This is not the result I wanted obviously. I'm a bit psycho when it comes to winning. I'm very salty. I'm super, super salty," he told the cameras.

The star, who also appeared on Australian Survivor: All Stars and Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders, recently opened up about what it's like to be a model.

“My thoughts on health and fitness have changed so much over the years," he told the Daily Telegraph. "During my modelling career I had to be a certain size to fit into sample clothing and it was something I struggled with because I’m a big dude."

David Genat on Survivor
David on Survivor. Photo: Ten

"At six-foot-three, I was always in a calorie deficit and doing lots of cardio which I hated. But as I got older I wanted to feel and look strong and I started focusing on lifting weights and eating the correct amount of protein and carbs.

"Learning about fitness over the years and how it evolves with your age and body is what has kept it so interesting for me."

To keep his body in peak condition, David is weight training four or five times a week, as well as boxing or Jujitsu twice a week and then anything else that he can fit into his schedule during the week.

Now, he tries to prioritise sleep, his water intake and exercise to ensure he feels his best.

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