Celeste Barber praised for savage take on Australia’s Covid saga

Comedian Celeste Barber, 39, has delivered a searing summary of Australia's ongoing Covid lockdowns and bungled vaccine rollout for the benefit of her overseas fans.

The social media star, who boasts 8.2 million Instagram followers from all over the globe, outlined the current situation down under in a minute-long video she posted to Twitter.

Celeste Barber sums up Australia's bungled vaccine rollout for overseas fans. Photo: Twitter/celestebarber_.
Celeste Barber has summed up Australia's bungled vaccine rollout for overseas fans. Photo: Twitter/celestebarber_.

Celeste explains

"Quick recap for our international friends. #sameguy," she captioned the clip which appears to have been filmed while walking around her bedroom.

In her trademark tongue-in-cheek style, Celeste explained how Australia went from having almost eradicated the virus earlier this year to where it is now, battling rising case numbers and with multiple cities/states in lockdown.

"A lot of people are asking why Australia's back in lockdown," the funny lady began.

"We did it well at the beginning – we did the hard part easy and we're doing the easy part hard.


"We locked down international borders and everything and we're like, 'Yeah, cool, we're the boss,' and we were really smug about it.

"But now, because it's all about vaccines, our Government didn't order us enough vaccines.

"We're freaking out, we're like, 'Well the lockdown worked before, let's just keep locking them down until they're vaccinated.

"And now we get yelled at by said Government."

At that point, Celeste took aim at Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who infamously went on holiday to Hawaii during the devastating bushfires of 2019/20. She reminded her followers that this was the 'same guy' who 'didn't order enough vaccines'.

"Remember when Australia was on fire a couple of years ago and that guy that was the leader f***ed off to Hawaii? Same guy.

"Same guy that didn’t order enough vaccines but is blaming us for not getting vaccinated and therefore that’s why we’ve gotta lock down."

Fans react

Celeste's video has received attention online, with 329k views and thousands of comments.

Guardian political reporter Amy Remeikis praised Celeste's move, tweeting:

"Don’t underestimate the impact or influence of this. Celeste Barber reaches a whole bunch of people not usually interested in politics - but very interested in this."

The New York Times’ Australian bureau chief Damien Cave tweeted:

"Straight to the point explainer. Anger with a smile about a government that didn't order enough vaccines and is now yelling at millions of Australians to behave and stay at home due to that mistake by the #sameguy (i.e. the prime minister) who was in Hawaii during the bushfires."

Other Twitter users called the video 'accurate' and 'spot on,' while some weren't as pleased.

"Love about 90% of this. Would love it though if you’d included the fact that we have HEAPS of AZ and there really isn’t any reason most people can’t go out and get it. I know you’re not an anti-vaxxer, but we don’t want to give anyone a reason not to get jabbed when they can," wrote one.

"So which vaccine did he not order enough of? Pfizer was approved for use in Aust on 25/01/21 and 140 million doses ordered. And we still seem to have plenty of AstraZeneca available," added another.

Celeste Barber receives her second Covid vaccine. Photo: Twitter/celestebarber_.
Celeste recently received her second Covid vaccine. Photo: Twitter/celestebarber_.

Anti-vaxxer takedown

Celeste celebrated receiving her second Pfizer jab by sharing a snap of herself sporting a face mask and a bandaid on her upper arm on August 12.

"Feeling super grateful. #fullyvaxxed," she wrote in the caption.

The mum-of-four has used her platform to encourage others to get vaccinated and to also criticise anti-vaxxers in her signature witty style.

After being called a 'fat slob' by an anti-vaxxer online in late July, Celeste posted a follow-up video the next day poking fun at those who believe the Covid jabs contain things such as 5G and Bill Gates' DNA.

"I just want you to know that when I got my first Pfizer shot about a week ago, the nurse who gave it to me, she actually shows you the 5G before she puts it in the vial which I think is really good. I don’t think that many people know that," she said sarcastically.

"It blew my mind at how small Bill Gates’ DNA is that it also fits in the vial as well with the 5G."

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