Celebrity Apprentice's Camilla on what they didn't air: 'Not reality TV'

Camilla Franks has spoken out about what viewers didn’t see on TV after being the latest celebrity fired from the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom.

The high-profile fashion designer has labelled the show as “not really reality TV” after a number of incidents were edited out.

Martha Kalifatidis, Camilla Franks and Shaynna Blaze in the boardroom,
Camilla Franks was sent to the boardroom with Martha Kalifatidis and Shaynna Blaze. Photo: Channel Nine

The latest episode saw the final six contestants divided into boys versus girls teams to throw an epic children’s sleepover.

While Camilla arranged for pop star Delta Goodrem to crash the event, her spending on luxury teepees blew out the budget and ultimately lead to her elimination.

Joining the Today show, Camilla says she feels like she did everything she could in the most recent task.

“Looking back I don't think I could have done more,” the 45-year-old explained.


She went on to reveal what didn’t make it to air from the episode, including a second celebrity cameo.

“It's reality TV but it's not really reality TV,” she said.

“They cut out Olivia Newton-John coming and doing a call in from LA. They cut out me turning up to set with [my daughter] Luna after four hours of sleep and doing everything.”

The fashion icon also said that while she was “frustrated” with the edit, she’s gained wonderful friendships from the show.

Camilla Franks crying post-elimination.
Camilla says that Celebrity Apprentice is “not really reality TV” after a number of events were edited out. Photo: Channel Nine

Butting heads

The fashion icon came to blows with interior designer Shaynna Blaze in the boardroom after disagreeing about the task.

“At the end of the day, you were working more like a production assistant or a runner in that task,” Camilla said to project manager Shaynna.

“That is so rude because that’s not true!” the Block judge clapped back, with team member Martha Kalifatidis dropping her mouth in shock.

Camilla ended up leaving the show with $20,000 for her chosen charity, National Breast Cancer Association.

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