Celebrity Apprentice’s Martha reveals she’s receiving hate mail

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Former MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis has revealed that she is getting some serious backlash from viewers of Celebrity Apprentice.

The beauty influencer joined Fitzy & Wippa to discuss the hate mail she’s received, including comments that she’s “sleeping with a producer” to stay on the show.

Martha Kalifatidis wearing a black suit on Celebrity Apprentice
Martha Kalifatidis has received hate emails from Celebrity Apprentice fans. Photo: Channel Nine

“There’s all sorts, like, you’re not a celebrity, why are you still on, there’s no way that you actually deserve to be there,” Martha said.

“I’m not even going to justify but I’ve been getting emails. I don’t usually get emails, it’s usually just a DM.”

Martha, 32, has recently been criticised by fans of the series over comments she made about how much money she earns.

During last week’s dumpling challenge, Martha snapped back at her team in a piece to camera: “Nobody listens to me because they think I'm just a beauty influencer. They don't understand. I'm a beauty influencer who makes your yearly wage in a month.”


When asked on Fitzy & Wippa if she’s been playing up her personality for the reality show, Martha joked: “Yeah, obviously I make way more money than that! But yes, it is me playing it up."

Some fans were unimpressed about her TV comments and immediately took to Twitter.

One person wrote: “If Martha makes so much on sponsored Insta posts for tummy teas and teeth whitening products, then why is she on Celebrity Apprentice?”

Other people have admitted online that they are big fans of Martha’s brutal honesty on screen.

“Unpopular opinion but I’m loving Martha on Celebrity Apprentice,” a fan tweeted.

Married At First Sight groom Bryce Ruthven recently called out Martha on Instagram, saying he finds her “boring” on the show.

“Anyone else struggle to watch her for more than 5 mins?,” the reality star wrote alongside a poll on Instagram.

The two options he gave fans to vote were: ‘Who is she?’ or ‘she’s yawn’.

Bryce Ruthven talking about MAFS' Martha on Instagram
Bryce called Martha 'boring' in his Instagram Stories post. Photo: Instagram/bryceruthven.

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