Courteney Cox, 58, sizzles in tiny string bikini: 'You look 21'

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Friends star Courteney Cox has sent fans into a frenzy, after sharing a video of herself in a skimpy string bikini.

The 58-year-old actress was learning how to drive a boat on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, and showed off her stunning body during the lesson.

L: Courteney Cox takes a selfie with Johnny McDaid. R: Courteney Cox drives a boat in a string bikini.
Courteney Cox looked loved-up with her partner Johnny McDaid. Photo: Instagram/courteneycox

The Scream star donned a gorgeous black bikini with black and white trim, while exploring with partner Johnny McDaid.

At first, the actress is seen driving the boat with ease as her hair flies in the wind, with the camera showcasing her body from all angles.


In a hilarious twist, the next shot shows Courteney struggling to stay upright after the boat hit some rocky waves.

“Learning how to drive in Ireland and on the open seas. Not good at either, but I ain’t worried ‘bout it…my instructor was hot,” she quipped on Instagram.

Fans heaped praise on the actress, with many saying she looked ‘gorgeous’.

“How can YOU be so perfect?!” one asked.

“Aww, what a body,” another added.

Two shots of Courteney Cox driving a boat on the Amalfi Coast.
The star looked at ease on the water, until she hit some rocky waves. Photo: Instagram/courteneycox

“Living your best life huh? You look so radiant, hope you had the greatest time there,” wrote a third.

“I am honestly amazed by the fact that you still look 21 ever since I’ve seen you. Respect from an old fan,” remarked another.

However, there were some fans who weren’t happy with the way Courteney’s face looked.

“Oh you look fake,” one wrote sadly.

“UGH, she ruined her face. She's excited to be boating but she has NO EXPRESSION on her face,” a second added.

“Please stop the fillers and or surgery. You don’t need it, you’re a beautiful woman,” wrote another.

Star reveals shocking truth behind her bikini snap

This comes after a TV star revealed the truth behind her bikini snap to show fans not everything is as perfect as it seems.

The Real Housewives of New York's Bethenny Frankel posted a snap on Instagram of her standing on a beach in a bikini with her body looking flawless.

Two photos of Bethenny Frankel in a bikini on the beach to demonstrate editing
A star recently spoke out about how damaging heavily editing can be. Photo: Instagram/bethennyfrankel

However, the 51-year-old also posted a second photo, showing the reality of what her body looked like without editing.

The first photo is an edited version, showing the star with perky breasts, a small head, airbrushed skin and a smaller waist.

In the second, the star admitted she did not edit the photo, showing a 'more real' version of her body.

"This is NOT what I look like ... and you know that because I'm not vain and show you the real me," she said in the caption of the two photos, referring to the edited version.

"But if I posted a version of this every day you might start to believe that it might be. This is just how distorted this has all gotten."

"It makes young girls insecure and obsessed with an unattainable perfection," she wrote.

"It makes middle-aged women and mothers feel insecure about themselves. This creates a false ideal for men. It's the opposite of inspirational. It's destructive. It's irresponsible. It's insecure and it's inaccurate.

"There is a line between making an effort to look pretty and an outright falsehood."

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