Cancellation news rocks The Block NZ after viewers slammed 'disastrous' season

Viewers absolutely slammed the show's final season after the winners made just $4k on their house.

The New Zealand version of The Block
The New Zealand version of The Block has been cancelled just before filming was set to begin on the 11th season. Photo: Warner Bros Discovery

The New Zealand version of The Block has been cancelled just before filming was set to begin on the 11th season. The cancellation comes after Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) put a halt to the show last year, with the winners of the 2022 season making just $4k, the next couple made a measly $100, and the remaining teams walked away empty-handed.

Fans were left disappointed by the 2022 season, with many labelling it a "disaster" and "awful" to watch. Some were even glad it wasn't going to air in 2023.


The Three network had purchased four properties, and teams were locked in to start filming in Browns Bay, north of Auckland. However, the local property market seems to make continuing the show too difficult.

“When we announced our business restructure earlier this year, we indicated that WBD would no longer make fully funded local shows, which includes The Block NZ,” a WBD spokesperson said. “Existing sponsors had been told that we would contact them if the show was going ahead, and they would have first right of renewal.”

Mark Richardson, who hosted The Block NZ
Mark Richardson, who hosted The Block NZ since 2012, said he wasn't surprised by the cancellation. Photo: Instagram/theblocknz

The show was hosted by Mark Richardson since 2012, with the former cricketer revealing he wasn't surprised by the cancellation.

"When we were told a year or so ago it was on hold, I thought it was unlikely to come back, and I’ve moved on," he told Stuff, adding, "The Block was a property development that was televised, and property and TV are hard environments at the moment. It’s tough on both fronts. We shouldn’t be blindsided when these things happen."

However, he did say he was "a bit annoyed" that he didn't receive a phone call to confirm that the show wasn't going ahead.

"But that seems to be the way things are done now," Richardson added. "It is disappointing to see the end of The Block and what it means to the industry. It was a cool show and people loved watching it. And for many of the contestants it was a life-changing opportunity."

He confirmed he wouldn't return to the show if it was ever resurrected.

James Gibbons, President, Asia Pacific, Warner Bros Discovery said of the change to the WBD business model, "There was no single trigger that caused this, rather it was a combination of negative events in New Zealand and globally. The impacts of the economic downturn have been severe, and the bounce back has not materialised as expected."

Fans were left flabbergasted in 2022 none of the teams made a huge profit, with one X user writing at the time, "Just watched the final of The Block NZ. The producers should be ashamed. This was horrible. They never had a chance. Disgusting television, with a terrible host."

"The Block finale was absolutely depressing," another said. "What a waste of those contestants 3 months of their life."


"Quite a contrast from last year where the winners made $660,000 profit and the losers $422,000," a third pointed out. "You'd have to be insane (or already loaded) to apply for next season with that unpredictability."

"That was one depressing show," one Instagram user added. "Who in their right mind would volunteer for season 11? Slave away for months just to be on TV. The greediest production I have ever seen. Poor contestants."

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