Cabin crew reveal why you should never go barefoot on a flight

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Taking your shoes off during a flight to feel a little more comfortable might seem like a good idea, but according to flight crew it's definitely not something you should be doing.

Going barefoot - or wearing thongs for that matter - are considered a particular no-no, because as the experts explain, not only are bare feet a danger in an emergency, but it is also unhygienic.

never take your shoes off on a plane
Not only is it gross but can be dangerous in an emergency. Photo: Getty

Christine Negroni, who released a book on the world’s most mysterious air disasters, has advised people to keep their shoes on during a flight, and opt for trainers over thongs.

"One of the best things people can do is put their shoes on for takeoff and landing. This is still not required by many airlines and I think it ought to be," she told The Sun.

"If you escape an aircraft, the floor could be very hot or cold, it might be covered in oil or on fire, or in a cornfield – you won’t want to be barefoot."


American flight attendant Andrea Fischbach echoed that, advising against wearing thongs, sandals, or high heels on a plane.

"I would really advise against high heels or flip-flops or any slides, mostly for safety purposes," she told Who What Wear. "If there is an evacuation and slides are required, your high heels will have to come off, as they can puncture the slide."

traveller wearing sneakers
Experts recommend wearing sneakers instead of loose footwear. Photo: Getty

And you definitely don't want to be wearing sandals or slides into the toilets, she added.

"Be wary of wearing sandals if you are planning on going in the lavatory. That isn't water on the floor (yes, use your imagination), and sandals invite whatever that liquid is to splash on your feet.

A few years ago, a Quora thread that asked the question about shoes on flights suggested the same, with former cabin crew member Tony writing: "Besides stinking up the whole cabin, footwear is essential during an aeroplane emergency, even though it is not part of the flight safety information."

"Imagine destroying your bare feet as you run down the aisle covered with broken glass, fires and metal shards,” he added. "Kind of like John McClane in Die Hard, but worse."

Why you should never sleep against the window on a plane

It comes after another flight attendant also revealed the place on a plane you should avoid if you want to doze off in your seat.

Speaking to Reader’s Digest earlier this year, Linda Ferguson, who was a flight attendant for 24 years, said people should try not to fall asleep against the window.

“I see plenty of people carry wipes with them that will wipe the area around their seat,” she said.

“If there was a backlight and they could light up a plane with all the germs, I think it would petrify everybody.

“My rule of thumb, and I never get sick, is I never put my hands in my mouth or near my face.”

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