Bunnings workers reveal secret behind orange sale signs

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The orange sale signs are almost as distinctly Bunnings as the smell of a sausage sizzle or a doormat hack. 

And now, Bunnings workers have revealed a secret behind the bright bargain indicators that has gone viral on TikTok, and is basically blowing people's minds.

A Bunnings fact is blowing people's minds online. Photos: Getty/Giphy

One of a host of videos posted on TikTok shows the signs are actually handwritten by staff members with a very distinct style of calligraphy, instead of being done by a signage company or even being printed, like some people thought.

"Sign writing PERFECTION,"a clip from user Victoriayousif_, which has now been viewed over 660K times, was captioned.


Many were definitely shocked by the revelation.

“I’ve always wondered how on Earth they always look the same and are handwritten,” one person commented.

“All of these signs I’ve ever seen in my life look like they’ve been written by the same person. How?" was another confused response.

Another asked: "Do they teach you how to do this or are people literally just born with this skill because I could not?"

bunnings orange sale signs calligraphy
Staff members are taught a specific style of calligraphy for the signs. Photo: TikTok

Several other Bunnings workers took to the comments to share more about their days as 'sign writers'.

One said it was actually part of the store's "merch standards", while another said "every store has one or two people who are good at it".

"I work at Bunnings, they get everyone to try and write a sign and people who are kinda good at it already they train them until they can produce," one person wrote.

"I used to be a sign writer at Bunnings too and I can still smell the marker," another quipped.

It's since been confirmed that workers are taught the specific style of calligraphy to use when creating the posters.

“We have always had handwritten signage in our stores,” Bunnings general manager – operations Ryan Baker told 7NEWS.

“We do make calligraphy courses available, however we do find many team members have a natural talent for it.”

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