$5 Bunnings buy a reno must have: 'Freakin' genius'

It's no secret Bunnings shoppers are fans of a good DIY project, but when it comes to jobs that are a little more painful than others, painting is often considered one of them.

But now, a bargain buy from the popular hardware store is set to make painting smaller surfaces a breeze, with reno-lovers raving about the product online.

bunnings trigger grip hack window painting
A woman shared how she used the Trigger to help paint her windows. Photo: Facebook

"I'm sorry but whoever came up with this invention is a freakin genius," one woman wrote in a popular Bunnings Facebook group, sharing a photo of the UNi-PRO Spray Can Trigger Grip she discovered at the store to help paint her external window frames.

"And less than 5 bux! Winning! Worked a treat on Windows."

She went on to explain the yellow handle simply attaches to the spray can.

"Simply clicks on, easy. You then point and squeeze, and there you have it a spray gun," she added.

"Great for big jobs, saves painful fingers. I spray painted the aluminium part of the windows and brushed the window."


According to the Bunnings website, the item is "ideal for arthritis sufferers, keeps hands, gloves and clothes clean, and prevents finger ache on long spray jobs.

Bunnings UNi-PRO spray can trigger grip
The UNi-PRO spray can trigger grip is just $4.30. Photo: Bunnings

The Facebook post went viral last week, gaining hundreds of comments from other DIYers raving about the 'awesome invention'.

"This is amazing!! I’m always getting a sore hand and wrist from holding down these types of can nozzles," one person said.

"Bloody awesome invention!!! Want one just in case now!" another agreed.

"Yes I discovered these recently too they are the best thing invented I have seen in ages," was another rave review, while a fourth person said: "Can't believe I didn't know about this!!!"

And painting isn't the only thing the trigger nozzle is good for, with another clever shopper revealing other 'nifty' things to do, including: "fly spray can, olive spray can, laundry spot stain remover can, degreaser for car and bbq."

Bunnings Warehouse is seen in Maribyrnong on August 04, 2020 in Melbourne
Another Bunnings item has gone viral online. Photo: Getty

Just last week another Bunnings buy sent motorists into a spin.

The $14.90 Trojan Headlight Restoration Kit is being hailed as a game-changer for motorists whose headlights are in need of some serious TLC.

The kit promises to “restore your tired or foggy headlights back to their previous shine”.

bunnings car light cleaner
Shoppers also raved about this Bunnings product to clean car lights. Photos: Facebook

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