Bunnings shoppers lose it over $16 dupe of $80 Yeti and Stanley cups

We've got a feeling this product will be flying off shelves before Christmas.

Yeti and Stanley Cups are all the rage at the moment so when Aussie blogger Lauren Curtis shared a Bunnings dupe of the popular drink bottles, her TikTok followers were beside themselves with excitement. The 1.5L Bunnings Marquee bottle, which is priced at just $15.87, is a bargain compared to $80 for a 1.2L Stanley Cup and $84.95 for the Yeti 1.4L stainless steel Rambler.

In her TikTok video, which has been viewed 500,000 times, Lauren's partner shows off his Bunnings bottle, revealing that it has kept ice cubes inside frozen for 20 hours. "I'm buying my own today," she wrote in the caption.

Stills from TikTok video showing Lauren Curtis and her partner holding a Bunnings drink bottle
TikToker Lauren Curtis was stunned that the $16 Bunnings cup worked so well. Photo: TikTok/@lozcurtis

Others agree the bottle is a must-have item. "Yeti, Stanley, Frank Green — all SOOOO overrated," another viewer responded, while a third wrote, "My husband and I bought these last year from Bunnings — still going strong."

"The lid on his looks easier to clean too. The Stanley cups look like there would be build up," one follower commented, to which Lauren replied, "Yeah I don’t like the straw cups for that reason!"


"I'm on a mine site and this thing cops a thrashing bouncing around my ute tray. Not saying it's better but it's a good alternative that's cheaper," one fan commented.

The Marquee brand may not have the broad range of colour options of Yeti and Stanley, but they do come in a variety of sizes at budget-friendly prices to suit most people's needs.

Bunnings, Yeti and Stanley drink bottles
Fans say the Bunnings product is a great dupe of Yeti and Stanley cups. Photo: Bunnings/Yeti/Stanley

Not everyone's convinced

Despite the praise for the Bunnings bottle, some Aussies aren't ready to give up their firm favourites. "It lasted a night... my Yeti lasted three days and it still had the same ice," one viewer pointed out.

Another wrote, "They're good but not as strong as Yeti. They break pretty easy compared to Yeti. As soon as you drop it the lid breaks, or cracks."


Bunnings isn't the only retailer providing a cheaper alternative to Yeti and Stanley's products. Kmart has a $15 stainless steel 1.18L Jumbo Tumbler while Aldi launched a Frank Green dupe earlier this year for $9.99. It clearly pays to shop around.

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