Bunnings shoppers go nuts over $18 cult cleaning buy: 'Game changer'

Fans have described the product as 'magic'.

Bunnings shoppers have taken to social media to share their love of a new cult buy, with some calling the product a 'game changer' and a 'miracle'. Many Facebook users have shared dramatic before and after photos after using Tricleanium on grout, floors, walls, range hood filters and more.

The Mums Who Clean Facebook group is filled with positive reviews for Tricleanium, showing stunning results after using the $18 product.

Bunnings shopper uses Tricleanium
Bunnings shoppers have shared their love of a new cult cleaning buy, with some labelling the product as a 'game changer' and a 'miracle'. Photo: Facebook

One user shared a photo after she used Tricleanium on half of a wall after previously trying other products, raving about the results.

"So I’m jumping on the Tricleanium wagon here," she wrote. "I had been battling with sugar soap and bleach and a lot of elbow grease… Project: Renovating a beloved hoarders home. I promised the previous owner we would bring out its inner beauty."


She jokingly added, "Now, off to Bunnings to stock up before you ladies wipe out all the stock!"

"I can confirm, it's brilliant!" another responded.

"My only suggestion is wear gloves. It made my hands feel very soapy but this stuff is great," a third said, with many others agreeing that this is an important tip.

The 'magic' product that so many people swear by. Photo: Facebook
Before and after Tricleanium
The before and after photos have been surprisingly good. Photo: Facebook

"I used to use Gumption until I came across this, it's a game changer," a fourth shared.

"Best wall cleaner ever, brought ours up like they had just been painted," someone else added.

"Ummmmm what is this magic? I need some!" another user said.


Another user shared the results after they cleaned their walls, writing, "OMG is all I have to say!!!! To the lady who recommended Tricleanium on another lady’s post about washing walls, you are my new best friend. Tricleanium combined with this mop [Sabco Clean Ease Flat Mop] is absolutely amazing for washing walls."

She continued, "I kid you not, it literally took me 8 mins to do both sides of my rather long and really gross walls in my new house (new to me)... This is a game changer ladies. You're welcome."

Many commented that it was "very impressive", with one user describing it as "disgustingly satisfying".

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