Bunnings shoppers lose it over $69 summer item: 'I need one'

Aussies are scrambling to get this luxe hammock. Here's why.

It's not every day you find a piece of furniture that ticks all the boxes, but shoppers think they've found just that in a new exclusive item at Bunnings.

The Hangout Pod has sent shoppers into an absolute spin with Aussies scrambling to get their hands on the luxury family hammock bed, but scoring one isn't easy.

Bunnings Hangout Pod hammock
Bunnings shoppers have been sharing store stock levels as hundreds of shoppers try to get their hands on the bargain hammock. Photo: Facebook/Hangout Pod Instagram

Hundreds of customers have been on the hunt for one, with many constantly checking for stock in stores and scaling the Bunnings and stock sites daily to follow when shipments arrive. "Within two hours of this post the country was wiped out," one person wrote on a Facebook post with people sharing stock numbers across stores Australia-wide.

Others agreed, saying it was near impossible to score a Hangout Pod. "Have to be quick. Hope they get more in stock," one person wrote on Facebook, while someone else commented, "I'm desperate for one!".


Some customers said they'd travelled up to 40 minutes to get their hands on a Hangout Pos, and some were even driving interstate to pick up their online orders. Those who were able to get their hands on the luxury hammock couldn't believe their luck, especially when the original price tag was $269. "So happy, I got one of the Hangout Pod grey sets from Kotara, just did an over the phone purchase, last one," one lucky shopper said.

What's so good about the Hangout Pod?

So why all the hype? Well, this isn't your average hammock. It's been designed as an easily portable luxury hammock that can be taken anywhere you go. Apart from the budget price tag, those who were able to score one say they are extremely easy to put together too. The set comes with its own stand and mosquito cover, and at 2.1 metres wide, 2.8 metres high, with a 200kg weight limit, the whole family can use it.

Bunnings Hangout Pods
Hangout Pod stock Australia-wide is being snapped up as soon as it hits Bunnings stores. Photo: Facebook/Hangout Pod Instagram.

How to score one

The super-popular chair, which has now been removed from the Bunnings website, has seemingly sold out Australia-wide thanks to the impressive design and budget price.

Bunnings confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that the promotional product which hit stores late last year was only available in very limited stock numbers. Customers who are yet to score one can check their local store for availability, but at this stage there are no plans to restock it.

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