Bunnings shopper wows with shower cleaning hack using $7 item

People were stunned by the woman's before and after photos.

A Bunnings shopper has been praised online after sharing a hack that made her shower screens sparkle.

The woman posted before and after photos on Facebook showing how a $7 item from the hardware giant made the chore of cleaning the shower so much more bearable.

The before photo shows the shower screen covered in scum while it looked brand new in the photo she took after the big clean.

"Shower screens will be the death of me," she wrote.

"I was ready to buy a new screen until today. I used a blade to scrape off the soap scum after my usual trick of the magic eraser just wasn't cutting it and I literally can't believe my eyes."

A dirty shower screen (left) and a clean shower screen (right).
The woman's shower screen looked brand new after trying her hack. Source: Facebook

The woman added she was terrified to use the blade on the glass, but said it was "so easy" and she barely had to apply any pressure, meaning it did not scratch the glass at all.

"I'm still yet to go over it with a cleaner to polish it up but it already looks 100 times better," she said.

"Forget spending a fortune on chemicals, get yourself a blade!"


The woman was inspired to try the blade after noticing a professional cleaner once using it on her shower. She shared a picture of the Trojan Safety Scraper With 5 Blades, which retails for just $6.95 at Bunnings.

The Bunnings shopper added in the comments it only took her five minutes to clean the shower screen.

People were shocked by the woman's before and after snaps, flocking to the comments to thank her for sharing her tip.

"Excellent result," one commented.

"Must try this!" another added.

"I used a blade too. Worked wonders," a third added.

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