'Best Bunnings secret' to avoid queues and score deals

A Bunnings shopper’s tip on when to head to the popular store to avoid queues and nab the best deals has gone viral online.

The woman took to a popular Bunnings Facebook group where she revealed her “best Bunnings secret”, and the post was well received by fellow fans of the store.

Bunnings Warehouse is seen in Maribyrnong
One woman knows exactly when to shop at Bunnings. Photo: Getty

“My hubby was at home after a big week, so I took myself off to Bunnings on a Friday night,” she wrote, explaining what she found was ‘“empty aisles” and “loads of stock being put out for the busy weekend”

“I could shop at my leisure (closes at 9pm at Gosford) and no queues.

“The only thing missing was a glass of champers as I walked in.”


Her post went viral with plenty of other shoppers and workers also sharing their tips for when the best time is to head into the popular hardware store.

“I work at Bunnings Far North Queensland and it is the best time to shop any night of the week except weekends of course,” was one comment from an employee.

“Tuesday and Wednesday nights are good too because of stock drops on Monday and Tuesday,” another revealed.

(AUSTRALIA OUT) Worker at a new Bunnings warehouse on the outskirts of Melbourne, 11 August 2005. AFR Picture by ROB HOMER (Photo by Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty Images)
Worker at a Bunnings warehouse filling shelves. Photo: Getty

Plenty of people thanked her for the ‘simple’ trick, though a few Aussies still unable to visit Bunnings due to lockdowns in Melbourne were just looking forward to their next trip to the store.

“Stop it, you’re teasing me. I haven’t been able to go to Bunnings for eight weeks due to lockdown,” one person commented.

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