Bunnings mum's stunning council pick-up trash transformation

A mum’s council clean-up trash transformation has gained her a legion of fans online who have called the upcycling effort ‘amazing’.

Kate Joel managed to turn a set of old furniture into a chic outdoor lounge set, using Bunnings and Spotlight products.

Council clean up
A mum has stunned with her council clean-up trash transformation. Photo: Supplied

She told Yahoo Lifestyle that her friend sent her a photo of the rundown chairs and two-seater as she was riding past on her bike.

“When she sent me the photo I knew I had to have it, I kept zooming in and could see it was in mint condition,” Kate said.


Outdoor furniture
Kate Joel transformed the 'trash' into chic outdoor furniture. Photo: Supplied
Council clean up
Her friend spotted the items on a kerb and Kate knew she had to have it. Photo: Supplied

“I rang her and said omg I need to have it, so here she was at 10:30pm at night the night before the council pick-up saving it from the rubble pile.

“She squeezed it into her little hatchback. I then drove down later on that night to get the double in my bigger car but it wouldn’t fit so I drove with it hanging out with the boot door open to her house and went back the next day with a trailer to pick it all up. Mission accomplished.

Kate took it home, where she sanded it down, took off the cushions and washed them.

Grey and ratten outdoor furniture
She used materials from Bunnings and Spotlight. Photo: Supplied
Outdoor furniture set
It cost her about $70 for material and $30 for each cushion. Photo: Supplied

She used Gilly's Australia Orange Oil to bring back the moisture in the rattan and painted it with Cabots Cabothane clear matte varnish, which she already had at home.

Then, Kate took the cushions to Joanne Cooke Dressmaking and Alterations at Bligh Park where she had the dressmaker sew on new waterproof covers, which she claims cost a fraction of the price of what an upholster would.

Outdoor ratten and grey furniture set
The stunning set has been praised online. Photo: Supplied
back of outdoor furniture from Bunnings
People loved Kate's thrifty and sustainable reuse of the furniture. Photo: Supplied

Kate was thrilled with the project, which she says cost around $70 for materials from Spotlight and $30 each for the sewing of the cushions.

“Always keep your eyes open on council cleanups because someone’s trash can definitely become your treasure..

People online were gobsmacked with the results, with one person writing: “Wow, talk about turning trash into something amazing. Takes a good eye to spot that and know its true potential, well done.”

Another wrote: “How beautiful. You have done an amazing job. What a transformation”.

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