Bunnings is the 'new Hinge' according to this viral TikTok: 'Can confirm'

Bunnings on Sundays: A hotspot for romance or just renos?

Move over dating apps, there's a new hotspot for single ladies looking to mingle, and it's not where you'd expect. Forget swiping left or right, Ali Archdeacon, a 26-year-old health and mindset coach from the Gold Coast, has revealed her unconventional secret to meeting "beautiful, hard-working men" – Bunnings Warehouse.

Ali Archdeacon and Bunnings Warehouse
The 26 year old's tip for finding single men at Bunnings has gone viral... but not everyone is on board. Photo: Instagram/Getty

In a now-viral TikTok video, Archdeacon dubbed the hardware giant as the "new Hinge" and encouraged all single women to make their way to Bunnings on a Sunday morning.


According to her, the aisles are teeming with eligible bachelors who are not just handy with tools but are also "beautiful."

"I just went in there to get some storage boxes so early in the morning and it was filled with men, beautiful men," Archdeacon shared in her TikTok, recounting her unexpected encounter with an abundance of attractive fellas.

Swiping left on Sunday singles

"These sort of men are doing something handy today. They're on the tools on a Sunday morning or they're getting some things for the house," she added with a wink.

"Can confirm," one enthusiastic supporter chimed in, "Bunnings is the way to go."

"Bunnings here I come!" exclaimed another, ready to head out on what could be the ultimate shopping spree.

"Now all the Bunnings staff wondering why all these woman are showing up all dressed up in heels on a Sunday morning," quipped a humorous observer, imagining the scene.

A Sunday fling or a married man's thing?

However, not everyone was sold on Archdeacon's Bunnings rendezvous strategy. While some applauded her bold move, others were quick to dismiss the idea, arguing that Sunday mornings at Bunnings are exclusively reserved for husbands on domestic errands.

"Single men aren't going to Bunnings on a Sunday morning," one doubter scoffed. "They all have wives."

The controversial dating tip has divided, with many arguing she's got the right place but the wrong time. Photo: TikTok/@aliarchdeacon_
The controversial dating tip has divided, with many arguing she's got the right place but the wrong time. Photo: TikTok/@aliarchdeacon_

"No no no, nope. It's all husbands getting out of the house from their kids," another interjected, casting doubt on the availability of the so-called eligible bachelors at the hardware store as mentioned by Archdeacon.

"Yeah because they are renovating their houses with their wives," chimed in a third sceptic.

"Sunday men are married," another agreed before suggesting, "you need to be at tradie hour, weekdays 7am."

Right place, wrong time

Indeed, an employee even weighed in on the debate, confirming the surge of male patrons at Bunnings on Sunday mornings but recommending the weekday "tradie hour" as prime time for potential romantic encounters.

"Head to the trades section, early mornings, Monday to Friday," they advised.

Despite the mixed opinions, one thing is for sure: Bunnings on a Sunday morning might offer more than just the chance to snag a sausage sizzle.


"I reckon Bunnings should do home maintenance for singles afternoons," suggested one imaginative soul, sparking an idea that might just revolutionise the DIY dating scene.

Bunnings marketing team, are you listening?

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