Australia's most unfaithful towns exposed: 'Too many beautiful people'

Data from a leading dating site has revealed where Aussies are indulging in summer flings.

In a steamy revelation from Ashley Madison, the world’s largest married dating site, Aussies are turning up the heat on summer flings, with research revealing exactly where the nation indulges in extramarital escapades.

From regional towns to bustling cities, the data uncovers a national inclination to bid farewell to monogamy along with winter wardrobes, making "hot for the summer" true in more ways than one.

Man and woman share a piece of watermelon and glasses of wine by a pool.
Queensland dominates as the state for summer affairs, according to data from the largest dating site worldwide. Photo: Getty

Coffs Harbour claims the top spot

Sizzling at the forefront is Coffs Harbour, reclaiming its title as the ultimate destination for summer lovin' after mysteriously disappearing from the rankings last year.

This regional NSW gem stands as the pinnacle for passionate connections against the backdrop of sun-kissed beaches, setting a steamy stage for clandestine affairs.

When Yahoo Lifestyle posed the question of why so many affairs happen in Coffs Harbour on a local Facebook page, one group member joked that the area is simply blessed with an attractive population: "Just too many beautiful people," she wrote.


Queensland dominates the affair landscape

While Coffs Harbour takes the lead, Queensland emerges as the epicentre for summer flings, boasting nearly half of the top cities nationally (9 out of 20). This reaffirms Queensland's status as the go-to state for those seeking a bit of extra thrill during the warmer months, maintaining its position from the previous year's ranking as the most unfaithful state.

The list reveals a diverse range of locations, from regional towns to capital cities, highlighting that no state or territory is immune to the allure of a summer affair. With every Australian capital city securing a spot, the data reflects a nationwide inclination to seek some extra heat during the summer months.

Map reveals where most Australians are having affairs.
Dating site Ashley Madison has revealed where the most Australians have affairs. Photo: Ashley Madison

The hotspots revealed: The full list

  1. Coffs Harbour

  2. Rockhampton

  3. Mackay

  4. Albury

  5. Canberra

  6. Cairns

  7. Ballarat

  8. Bundaberg

  9. Gold Coast

  10. Toowoomba

  11. Townsville

  12. Sunshine Coast

  13. Bunbury

  14. Newcastle

  15. Darwin

  16. Brisbane

  17. Wollongong

  18. Hobart

  19. Adelaide

  20. Launceston

No guilt in the game: Australians embrace affairs without regret

Beyond uncovering scandalous rendezvous locations, Ashley Madison's research presents a surprising revelation - Australians engaging in summer affairs appear to do so with an unexpected lack of remorse.

Contrary to the common belief that infidelity brings overwhelming guilt, research conducted by Johns Hopkins University in collaboration with Ashley Madison exposes a different truth. The majority of those who reported having an affair said they felt no regret about their actions, revealing a bold and unapologetic approach to summer indiscretions.

Diving into the psychology behind this revelation, Relationship Expert and Couples Coach Megan Luscombe suggests the absence of guilt could stem from compartmentalising their infidelity.

"If they're able to separate sex from emotions, they might be able to say they don't experience guilt because they love their partner and with the affair it's purely sex," Luscombe explains.

Luscombe said that some individuals may justify their infidelity by pointing to elements lacking in their existing relationship: "Infidelity and affairs are a nuanced area and are rarely as cut and dry as society likes to think."

However, Intimacy Coach Susie Kim suggests the data may be subject to some degree of bias in this instance: "It’s not surprising that those who are on Ashley Madison, a website that specifically markets itself to affairs, don’t feel guilty about cheating," she said.

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