This $5 Bunnings roller blinds hack is genius

The sleek, modern look of roller blinds has made them a popular choice in Aussie homes, but unlike traditional curtains, they often don’t completely block out the light.

Depending on the way the blinds are fit into your window frame, you’re often left with an annoying sliver of light that peeks through either end of the blinds when they're down.

Gray roller shutters on the window
An Aussie mum has a great hack for closing off that annoying gap in your roller blinds. Photo: Getty

Thankfully, one mum has come up with a genius - and very cost effective - solution to the problem which she recently shared on Facebook.

Posting to the a Bunnings mum's group, Katie from Tasmania showed how she filled the gap using a piece of building moulding, which is basically a long piece of PVC shaped into a right angled corner.


She attached one side of the PVC moulding to the wall so the other side sat just in front of the blinds, effectively filling in the gap.

Katie's blinds after fixing the gap with pvc
Katie slotted the painted piece of PVC in front of the blind to block the gap between it and the wall. Photo: Facebook/Katie Pyke
a close up look at the pvc katie used to blockout the gap in her blinds
She attached one side of the PVC moulding to the inside of her window frame, ensuring it doesn't get in the way of the blind or the cords. Photo: Facebook/Katie Pyke

To get the perfect fit, Katie cut the PVC moulding to size herself and painted it to match her blinds, but the best part was the price - at just $5 for a piece of PVC, the job was very cost effective.

"Just wanted to share a little hack I done with roller blinds," Katie wrote.

"I didn’t like the little gap they leave either side so I done some thinking of how I could cover them without spending an arm and a leg. So I came up with this idea."

a screenshot of pvc building moulding from Bunnings
The piece of PVC building moulding she used cost just $5. Photo: Bunnings

The hack went down a treat with other members of the Facebook group who called it ‘fantastic’, ‘so clever’ and ‘a great idea’.

"Brilliant! Now THIS is a hack!" one person wrote, while another said they were "going to borrow this one".

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