This Woolworths TikTok bread hack will change the way you shop

A TikToker has left internet users mind-blown today after revealing a little-known Woolworths detail that will guide you to the freshest bread on the shelf every time – no more stale sandwiches a day after buying.

The ingenious trick was shared by user Tony Zakharia who regularly uploads zany videos trialling expired supermarket items.

Woolworths logo in woolworths story as viral tiktok exposes secret bread identification system
A very simple trick will change your Woolworths shopping experience for good. Photo: Getty Images

This time however it was all about his fail-safe method of picking out the youngest loaf of bread available.

In the video, Tony explains that the plastic tag used to keep the loaf tied closed comes in different colours depending on what day it was made.

Yep, those coloured tags aren't just for decoration, they're actually time codes!


He explains that a red tag is used for bread made on a Thursday, and a white for bread made on a Friday, meaning that depending on the day of the week, the white tag is generally the bread you want to go for.

Image of two Helgas bread tags showing different bake days
These loaves seem identical, but their plastic tags reveal a major differnece. Photo: TikTok/tony.zak

In the video, he compared two loaves of Helga's Traditional Wholemeal, showing that the red tag expires one day before the white tag, despite the bread being identical in every other way.

Over the footage, he includes a graphic outlining how each colour of bread tag correlates to a different day of the week.

Monday is blue, Tuesday green, Thursday red, Friday white and Saturday yellow.

Needless to say the tiny, but game-changing detail blew TikTok users' socks off.

Image of vbread tag with graphic showing colour to bake day Woolworths bread
The graphic has changed the way TikTok users wiull be buying bread from now on. Photo: TikTok/tony.zak

If you're feeling sceptical shelve your suspicions, the experts weighed in and it seems the hack is 100% legitimate.

“As I have worked for Tip-Top Bakeries for six years I can confirm the coloured tags are correct but ours is in a different order to the picture," one user wrote.

“I worked in bread and I can happily tell you this is true but different companies have different tag colours,” another also confirmed.

Others were just mind-boggled.

“Wait what,” one person wrote.

“I had no idea," another agreed.

It's not the first time a hidden supermarket trick left shoppers absolutely blown away.

Last week, an eagle-eyed Aldi shopper has made a surprising discovery about the supermarket's budget toilet paper.

Taking to Facebook, an Aldi customer uploaded a photo of her Confidence branded toilet paper, as she was surprised to see it featured the Quilton logo printed on the cardboard inside the roll.

It seems that Quilton is made by ABC Tissue, the same manufacturer of Aldi's Confidence brand, except a 24-pack of Confidence costs $7.99 or 33 cents a roll, while Quilton's costs $12 or 50 cents a roll, meaning Aldi customers are saving $4 on their purchase of the same product.

We wouldn't be surprised if the next few weeks see shoppers cast away their higher-priced TP packets to stampede Aldi for the money-saving alternative.

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