$1.80 Woolies buy transforms mum's shower 'in minutes'

A mum has cracked the ultimate cleaning code after discovering the perfect solution to a grimy shower that works in a matter of minutes.

It turns out an effective solution to the irritating problem of black shower grout has been lurking in our pantries and cleaning cupboards this whole time, and it might be the best transformation we’ve seen so far.

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied

Mum Paula took to Facebook with jaw-dropping transformation snaps of her shower that instantly caught social media users’ attention.

Hailing from Victoria, Paula struck gold with a deceptively simple method that left her tiles unrecognisable.

“I've cracked the code! And it only took minutes,” she wrote in a post that has since exploded on a cleaning Facebook page.

“Here's a [photo] of dirty grout in a rental, that was years old. This took me only a few minutes and not a lot of effort – I couldn't believe my eyes!”


Side by side the images show a run-of-the-mill shower, in the first image it’s white tiles separated by deep, black grout, in the second the entire thing transformed with not a speck of dirt or mould to be seen.

“After trying every product, and every 'formula' under the sun, I decided to experiment with my own,” she revealed in the post.

Bleach and bicarb winning formula

Image of homebrand Woolies bicarbonate soda and domestic bleach cleaner
Combining BiCarb and Bleach is safe as long as the bleach is handled correctly. Photo: Supplied

Paula ended up combining her household bleach with bicarbonate soda, mixing it into a paste that banished her mould in a matter of second.

While many may balk at the idea of combining bleach with another household agent, the combination is a safe one.

Bleach and vinegar famously should never be mixed because of a chemical reaction that can release deadly fumes, and vinegar and bicarb are also no-mix zone because of their reactive elements.

Bleach and bicarb however are considered a safe combination, though the bleach should, as always, be treated with caution.

Paula’s ‘amazing’ method for shower transformation

Combining the two, Paula advises they should be mixed into a paste and applied to grout with a toothbrush.

“In most places, I didn't even leave it,” she revealed. “Just a light brushing it was gone in an instant. Unbelievable.”

She says she was ‘so pleased with herself’ and it seems plenty of others were too.

Hundred left comments praising the hack, while more than one thousand liked the post.

“Looks great .. nice work,” one onlooker wrote. “I love bicarb it’s so versatile.”

“Amazing, thanks for the tip,” another shared. “I tried it on my bathroom floor tiles tonight and it worked a treat.”

“I also use this on the rubber area of the front loader washing machine, cleans up the mould beautifully,” another advised.

Paula revealed that she had finally come across the trick after ‘decades’ of trying different methods.

Looks like we’re finally onto a bathroom winner!

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