Brooke Blurton's shocking discovery about date: 'Worst experience'

The Bachelorette star Brooke Blurton has revealed her worst dating experience after she decided to jump on Tinder.

Earlier this year, the reality star was in Cairns for the Uluru Statement when she fell ill after having dinner one night.

While she recovered in the company of a friend in her hotel room before going out for drinks later on, Brooke decided to start swiping on Tinder for a "bit of fun".

She went out to a club later in the evening and a man she matched with asked where she was headed before he showed up at the same venue.

"So we chat, he comes back to the hotel with me but I end up getting food poisoning so I'm sick ... we do not do anything, I'm so unwell," she said in her podcast Not So PG.

"This poor man stayed until the morning ... he comes back that afternoon to check on me and brings me a tea and I'm like, 'That's really sweet'.

"We go for a walk and we're just chatting and he tells me he just bought a dog and I'm like, 'How exciting, let's figure out a name."

Brooke Blurton takes a selfie in the mirror.
Brooke Blurton revealed her dating horror story. Source: Instagram

Brooke said he was a nice guy but "a bit boring, a bit stale".

"He didn't have much going on for him," she said.

It turned out her Tinder match was also from Melbourne, so they parted ways and planned to meet up when they got home.

"I tell my housemates I met this really nice guy, I had only just started dating again," she said.

"I'm thinking, you know what, I've always gone for these bad boys, these intense, out-there Gemini creatures. I thought this nice wholesome guy – maybe he's a bit boring or a bit shy – but we get back to Melbourne and I'm like, 'Want to catch up for a wine?'.

"He comes over to my house, we get on the wines with my housemates, it's a good night, he doesn't try a f***ing thing."

It was after this that things started to take a bad turn.


Brooke had a short trip planned down to Inverloch to write and was about to leave when he messaged her saying he wanted to see her before she left and introduce him to his dog Winston.

"He comes over, brings Winston, my housemates were there ... we all get a photo in the mirror, we go to take the photo in the mirror and this guy could not jump quicker out of the photo – immediate red flag."

The pair then shared their first kiss before she left and they made plans to catch up when she was back.

During her drive down to Inverloch, she stopped at a servo to check her messages and opened her message requests to find a message from a woman.

"I get a message from a chick saying, 'Was it nice to meet my dog', and I said, 'your dog?' and she goes, 'Yeah my dog Winston, that's my fiancé Matt'," Brooke revealed.

"I said, 'Babe you need to call me now', and she calls me and I'm f***ing shaking. I've only kissed this guy and I'm like, 'Babe, your partner has stayed at my house a night, at my hotel a night, he's literally met my housemate, our dogs have met'.

"She immediately asked if I had sex with him and I said, 'F*** no, I will tell you everything, I will send you messages'. I told her everything ... I would never do this to anyone, especially another female and he was f***ing engaged."

Brooke added she had met the man on Tinder in April, and discovered he had celebrated his engagement at a party at the end of March.

"It was the worst ever dating experience I've had in my f**ing life. That turned me off dating," she said.

"Guys, honestly, do your due diligence and stalk the f*** out of people."

After she discovered the truth, she said she was "traumatised".

"You know what, I don't trust men. I feel like I opened myself up again, built up the courage to jump on a dating app and that came full circle, I was like, 'Nup, not doing it'."

Brooke said she immediately blocked and deleted the man without having another conversation with him, and wished the man's partner all the best.

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