Erin Molan's on-air confession about brutal dumping: 'Awful'

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Radio host Erin Molan has revealed live on-air the brutal moment she was dumped by a past boyfriend.

Sharing the story with listeners on the 2DayFM show Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed and Erin, she revealed the "embarrassing" way a man broke up with her after dating "for a little while".

She met the man while she was hosting The Footy Show after he attended filming as an audience member.

They later went public with their relationship, with her Footy Show co-hosts talking about it openly on the program a week before she went to visit him in Brisbane.

"It was cringe," she said on radio.

"I flew out to Brisbane to see him and we were getting like an acai bowl thing, it was disgusting, and literally just sat down next to the cafe and he said it wasn't working.

Erin Molan headshots.
Erin Molan said she flew to Brisbane to see a man who dumped her 20 minutes later. Source: Instagram

"So he told me that and it was awful and embarrassing and just awful. And then he wanted to take his dog to the dog park afterwards on the way home to give the dog a run around.

"So I'm just standing there, he's just dumped me and I have to watch his dog run around."

Erin said they then walked back to his house before she got in a taxi to go straight back to the airport.

"I'm trying to get on a flight, which there wasn't one for a few hours, I ended up spending like two or three hours in the disabled toilet crying. I'm sorry if anyone needed to use it," she added.


Her radio co-host Dave Hughes then pressed for details about whether he had planned to dump her when she got on the plane to Brisbane.

"Well unless seeing me for that 20 minutes from when I arrived when we went to get the acai bowl really changed his mind," she said.

Hughesy then asked if she would have preferred him to dump her over the phone so she didn't have to get on the flight in the first place.

"When people say you've got to break up in person ... no, send me a text, send me a one-line text and I'm 100 per cent supportive," she said.

Erin added the man she was dating told her it "wasn't personal".

The radio host has mostly kept her dating life private after she had a public split from ex Sean Ogilvy in September 2021 after four years together. The pair also share a child.

She revealed on radio in May that she had met somebody new and at the time it was "really nice".

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