Angie Kent's X-rated sock confession: 'You've been warned'

Angie Kent is one of Australia’s favourite TV personalities, from the Gogglebox couch to The Bachelorette mansion she’s always got something to say. She's now here answering all your burning questions about your sex life.

Question: A woman told me she got the ick when I wore socks during sex. What is so wrong with it?

"The ick" – if you don’t know what it is, you definitely have heard of it or know someone who has experienced it. Just in case you haven’t, the ick is a relationship phenomenon.

At times it may be difficult to understand why certain things give people the ick. We may not always be sure why it happens, but when it happens, my God, we definitely know about it. It’s a feeling. It consumes you if you allow it. Some people even go as far to say that they catch the ick. It’s the modern-day romance's very own viral disease in a sense. Except for this viral disease, once you catch it, it generally never goes away. It lingers and you usually have to run for the hills and there is no bouncing back. The ick is more than just a little doubt that crosses your mind about whether or not you want to be with someone! The ick is much more repulsive. IYKYK.

Angie Kent admits she doesn't shy away from wearing socks during sex. Source: Instagram
Angie Kent admits she doesn't shy away from wearing socks during sex. Source: Instagram

Icks come in all shapes and sizes. There are all varieties of the little suckers. We’ve got the ick over the way someone eats. Generally mouth open style. The ick lick – someone who licks their fingies after they practically inhale their food. The joke ick – the way someone tells jokes. The way they laugh. Falling over in public and pretending it doesn’t happen. Real petty sh*t in general.


As for this particular ick – sex with socks only – look, I’m sorry but I don’t personally get that one. Can I even make a confession? I’m Angie Kent and I love wearing socks to bed and sometimes when I get some (which has been a long ass time) I wear my socks when I’m gettin' down and dirty too. There I said it. If my little trotters are cold and I’m in bed you best believe I won’t be taking my socks off. If we’re getting freaky and you’re taking my clothes off, please don’t even try to take my socks off because I’ll probs fly kick you as an instant reaction. There’s no thought behind these trotters and their reaction – if you go near them, they will attack. You’ve been warned.

I mean, If you like each other and it’s just a pair of socks getting in your way, maybe taking them off is an option? I can appreciate why people are weirded out by socks whilst banging but also they cover feet. So isn’t that somewhat a blessing? Unless you have a foot fetish? If you can’t part with your socks (and you shouldn’t have to), and you simply just love your socks in bed quite like myself, let your freak flag fly and where those socks and then go out and get yourself someone who appreciates socks and sex as much as you do.

Go off sock loving king.

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