Brooke Blurton unveils dramatic hair transformation after breakup: ‘Obsessed’

Less than one week after revealing the reason behind her shock split from Bachelorette winner Darvid Garayeli, Brooke Blurton has undergone quite a dramatic hair transformation.

The reality TV star showed off her spontaneity on Tuesday when she played a guessing game to blindly determine her next hairstyle.

Brooke Blurton before and after her hair transformation.
Brooke Blurton has unveiled her bold hair makeover. Photos: Instagram/brooke.blurton

Taking to Instagram, Brooke shared a video of herself with her eyes closed choosing between two slips of paper held up by her hairdresser.

Each round determined her hair colour, length and style, with Brooke having no idea what she had selected.

In the caption, she said that she had been inspired by TikToker Brooke Styles who played a similar game recently on her own Instagram.


“I had to step out of my comfort zone today,” she wrote. “Thanks to these two angels Bonnie and Carla at @carlalawsonhairextensions who looked after me in the salon today. Some well needed TLC for my hair and for my soul.”

The first option saw Brooke choosing ‘brunette’ over ‘copper’, followed by the selection of a shorter ‘do. For her fringe, the youth worker unknowingly opted for ‘curtain bangs’ rather than ‘no bangs’.

Brooke blindly selected her new hair colour, length and style from two slips of paper.
Brooke blindly selected her new hair colour, length and style. Photos: Instagram/brooke.blurton

After a brief transformation montage getting her hair dyed at the salon, Brooke then unveiled her brand new short, dark bob.

“What do we think?” she captioned a follow-up post alongside two selfies showing off her fresh hair, allowing her followers to share their opinions in the comments.

“Such a beautiful compliment to your naturally stunning features, love it,” one person wrote.

“It looks absolutely gorgeous,” another added, followed by someone else who said they were “obsessed”.

“I love this idea, looking absolutely stunning,” a fourth shared, while a different user remarked, “Looks so healthy and ready for a new year!”.

A number of Brooke’s famous friends also left kind words in the comments, including I’m A Celebrity’s Maria Thattil, Big Brother VIP’s Ellie Gonsalves, and Bachelor alums Alisha Aitken-Radburn, Jessica Brody and Bella Varelis.

Brooke Blurton's posing with her dark bob.
Brooke’s followers said she looked ‘absolutely gorgeous’ and ‘stunning’. Photos: Instagram/brooke.blurton

Brooke’s wow-worthy post comes shortly after she revealed that it was her decision to call things off with Darvid and she had been “thinking about it for a bit towards the end”.

“I had been unhappy for a bit and it wasn’t just solely because of the relationship,” she wrote.

“I have a lot of respect for Darvid and what he gave up for me to be IN the relationship but it seems that we both lost ourselves along the way.”

The 27-year-old went on to say that there was “a lot of pressure” on them after filming The Bachelorette, and stressed that there was “no infidelity, no hate”.

“We're as amicable as you can be during a healing process. I still love him dearly and have no regrets choosing him. I just wish the world was a little bit more gentle on us in the time we had," she continued.

“I wish him all the very best and with support I'd really just like to move past this and hope that we become the best versions of ourselves this year.”

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