Shock new Tim Tim flavours panned by 'terrified' biscuit fans

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Tim Tams are one of the rare treats that can never seem to miss.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, the pure chocolatey goodness of Australia’s favourite bikkie will almost always hit the spot.

Fans of the iconic sweet have copped a blow today, however, after the Arnott’s unveiled a possible set of future flavours to very mixed reviews.

Shared to Instagram, the set of four potential new flavours purported to give the famous treat a British makeover, and while some flavours have us intrigued others have left a rather unpleasant taste in many a fan’s mouth.

The flavours on offer are Bangers and Mash, Scotch Egg, Fish and Chips and Scones and Cream. Photo: Twitter/ Boris Johnson

“G’DAY BRITAIN… We heard you might want more Tim Tam biscuits over your way!” the photo of the new flavours was captioned. “We can’t blame you… they’re irresistible! But maybe you would love a few flavours more inspired by your British cuisine?”

On offer is Bangers and Mash, Scones and Cream, Fish and Chips and, perhaps most bizarrely, Scotch Egg.

Arnotts are asking customer’s to vote on their Instagram page, and promising to turn the most popular flavour into a limited edition variation of the biscuit.

Fans not sold on ‘terrifying’ new flavours

At least three of the four British treats, though loved by many in their usual forms, are unusual choices to combine with the purest form of chocolate biscuit known to man, and many didn’t hesitate to let the biscuit makers know.

“I’m terrified,” one person wrote.

One guy said what we are all thinking: “Umm I think is going to taste not good.”

At least one man felt personally betrayed by the diversion from the straight and narrow biscuit path the Tim Tam has long tried.

‘NO,” he wrote. “WE TRUSTED YOU.”

Some conceded scones could perhaps be a welcome addition to the Time Tam fam, but insisted the others get straight into the bin.

“Okay but scones and cream would legit be amazing... others rank,” one woman wrote.

Tim Tam flavours a response to Boris Johnson trade plug

Boris Johnson kicked off the whole mess with a well-intentioned shoutout to the famous Aussie treat. Photo: Twitter/ Boris Johnson

The new flavours were in response to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson citing the treats in a bid to establish a free trade deal between Britain and Australia, and some placed the blame squarely at the conservative politician’s feet.

“This is all bloody BoJo’s fault,” one unhappy voter wrote.

It’s not the first time a beloved food has crossed the line with fans in a bid to evolve.

Last year Smiths chips introduced a Lamington flavour that didn’t sit too well with some chips lovers and we can only hope that Tim Tams don’t follow suit and bring any of these bonkers flavours to fruition.

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