Smith's launches bizarre new chip mashup

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Promotional image of Smiths chips lamington flavour purple chip packet on cake stand with lamingtons. White text: "strewth what a beaut.. Fair dinkum... it's lamington".
Smiths announced the new flavour to mixed reviews. Except from me. I hate this. Photo: Smiths

So Smith’s has thrown a lamington-sized spanner in the Christmas cheer just beginning to sweep the city, and yes, (correct) opinion ahead so strap in.

The holidays are a time where we all like to catch up with family and friends, share a bowl of chips, maybe nibble a lamington.

Never in the history of Australia or Christmas has anyone ever thought, ‘Gee if only I could eat both of these things at once’ because why on God’s sweet earth would you want to do that?

What is it about the crisp curve of a ridged chip, and the soft spongey goodness of a lamington, that would call for the two to ever even meet, let alone procreate?

Nothing, that’s what.

Packet of Smith's chips lamington flavour. Shows purple chip packet on white background
Lamington chips are on shelves in 2020, and there's nothing we can do about it. Photo: Smith's

It turns out the true renegade of the Australian snack scene is none other than Smith’s chips, who, with a devil-may-care attitude, have thrown caution to the wind and gone ahead and created this snack monster.

Ladies and gentleman, thanks to zero demand, I give you the Lamington flavoured chip.

Is it a pre-dinner snack you ask? A sweet treat to close off a meal? An afternoon tea staple for generations to come?

As a statement from Smith’s marketing department says, the new flavour “combines a sweet, quintessentially Aussie cake with Australia’s favourite potato chip”.

Call it a dessert, call it a chip, just don’t call it food I will be consuming, in other words.

If this is your cup of soy sauce (because apparently anything goes these days) then you will find the new additions on shelves in Woolies and Coles and the sixth level of hell in 2020.

What a way to usher in the decade to come.

Opinion divided online

Available for a limited time only, the chips have divided opinions among the general public.

“I am flabbergasted! What dead beat Aussie battler decided on a ‘lammy chip?” one person asked.

“What are ya doin' kids? I love your work generally speaking, but come on now,” another argued.

Some (wrong) people seemed enthused by the idea.

“Oh wow, can’t wait to try these,” said someone.


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