Bridesmaid's shocking drinking demand sparks outrage: 'The audacity!'

Social media has exploded over a bridesmaid's "selfish" wedding demand.

A bride-to-be has found herself at the centre of controversy after revealing her bridesmaid's startling demand regarding her upcoming wedding.

The bride, seeking guidance from an online wedding community, was taken aback by her best friend and maid of honour's unexpected insistence that she postpone the wedding due to her pregnancy. However, what truly surprised her was the reason behind the request.

The bridesmaid's demand for wedding delay due to alcohol has drawn widespread criticism. Photo: Getty
The bridesmaid's demand for wedding delay due to alcohol has drawn widespread criticism. Photo: Getty

It wasn't about concerns regarding dress fittings or discomfort from standing for extended periods during the ceremony. Surprisingly, it was because her friend wouldn't be able to drink alcohol during the celebration.

In a heartfelt post, the bride expressed her excitement about her wedding, highlighting the significance of the event, particularly in light of recent family losses. However, her joy was overshadowed when her pregnant best friend voiced concerns about attending the wedding heavily pregnant.


"My best friend (MOH) is pregnant," she explained, "She's come to me saying that I'll regret it for the rest of my life if I get married when she's heavily pregnant and she can't have a drink with me and she won't be able to dance with me properly if she's heavily pregnant, and she's heartbroken that I've even considered it."

The bride, taken aback by her friend's reaction, sought advice online, questioning whether she was in the wrong for considering her original wedding plans.

Social media backlash

The bride's post quickly garnered attention, sparking a wave of criticism from the online community. Many were outraged by the bridesmaid's demand, labelling it as selfish and entitled.

"Alcohol isn't why you get married," remarked one commenter, summing up the prevailing sentiment. "Nor is it why you attend weddings. Good grief."

Caption. Photo: Getty
The online consensus was that changing the wedding date for one member's alcohol preferences was unacceptable. Photo: Getty

Another concurred, adding, "If you NEED alcohol to have fun then you may need to check in somewhere for help."

Amidst the chorus of disapproval, others expressed disbelief at the bridesmaid's lack of sensitivity. "What the actual f—k," wrote one commenter, "Get married as planned and move on from this entitled MOH. The audacity!"


Another commenter shared their astonishment: "I can't imagine asking someone to change their wedding because I found out I'm pregnant, especially for a reason like that."

"Finally a bride who is actually justified in her 'my pregnant friend is bumming me out on my wedding' spiel," someone else quipped.

Amidst the uproar, some took a lighter approach, coining terms such as "Maidzilla" to describe the bridesmaid's outrageous behaviour.

Finally, one comment flipped the situation on its head with a solid reality check: "Easy fix, tell her to have the baby sooner."


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