Bridemaid's X-rated stunt slammed online

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

Being a bridesmaid isn’t exactly a tough gig. 

It usually involves lending an ear to listen to the bride’s planning woes, showing up on the day with a smile on your face and posing with flowers in hands for the photographs. 

However it seems not every bridesmaid has the basic elements of the role down pat, as was demonstrated in an unusual photo posted to Reddit.

This photo was posted to Reddit, showing a bride standing with her five bridesmaids, one of whom decided to lift up her dress. Photo: Reddit

The snap, which is titled ‘That one friend…” shows a bride standing in front of the photographer with her five bridesmaids posing happily in the background. 

But if you look closely, you’ll notice that one of the bridesmaids decided to take it upon herself to pull out a risqué move in the photo. 

Dressed in a pair of brown cowboy boots and a halter neck blue dress, the bridesmaid can be seen lifting up her outfit and exposing herself to the camera, while holding her bouquet of flowers up in the air. 

The other bridesmaids seemed oblivious to the woman’s pose and the bride, who was in front of all of them, would have had no idea until she got the snaps back from her photographer. 

People online couldn’t believe the audacity of the bridesmaid, however others thought she was ‘just having fun’. 

“That’s so raunchy. I would be PISSED,” one person said, while another commented saying: “As if I needed more reasons not to have bridesmaids.”

But others thought they needed to lighten up, with one person commenting saying: “Gotta admire her confidence!”

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