'Most heinous' bridesmaid outfits ever: 'Vulva' jumpsuits roasted online

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Sometimes different is good. But sometimes it doesn't quite work. Photo: Getty

Kudos to any bride who tries something a little different to the norm on her wedding day.

But one woman’s choice of purple jumpsuits for her bridesmaids has gone viral online after images from the wedding were shared to a wedding shaming Facebook group.

“Purple vulva was exactly my thought,” one person commented.

“These are the most heinous bridesmaids outfits I’ve ever seen,” another wrote.

“Those are terrible,” was a third comment, with another person agreeing, “not flattering”.

Some people said the jumpsuits looked like 'purple vulva' Photo: Facebook

There were a handful of people who liked them, however.

“I like the jumpers, just not the colour,” one person defended the bride’s choice.

Meanwhile, others didn’t mind the dress but were completely distracted by something else.

“All I notice is nipple,” one person pointed out.

“They could have put nipple covers on, it’s a bit distracting, especially for wedding pictures.”

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