Bride's 'ludicrous' wedding gift demand roasted online

There may be millions of people around the world losing their jobs and having to postpone or cancel their own weddings due to the coronavirus but one bride is asking her guests to cough up a massive amount of money if they want an invite to her big day.

Proving bridezillas are still alive and well, the woman sent out a shocking message to one guest, who didn’t take her demand lying down.

the bride in a white long dress with a wedding bouquet is standing alone and looks at a bouquet waiting for her husband in the autumn garden.  after wedding ceremony
A bride's wedding gift demand has been slammed online. Photo: Getty Images

“Heyy, If you weren’t informed by Milke, it’s ine and Christian’s wedding next month,” she started the message, which has been posted to Reddit.

That’s when things got strange, with the bride continuing: “If you’re buying us gifts, the requirement is to buy us gifts above $250. For either me or Christian.”

While some people might not even write back to such a preposterous text, the guest decided to take her up on the bizarre prerequisite.


“So, what you are saying is that you want something OVER $2550?” the guest messages, to which the bride simply responded with “Yep”.

“Well then, don’t expect me coming,” the guest said, shutting down the conversation.

This didn’t stop the bride-to-be from pleading her case, writing: “We have beer! Cocktails? Cake?”

Bride's coronavirus wedding demand
The series of texts was shared to Reddit. Photo: Reddit

When that didn’t work, she continued: “Well then, you’re losing because we have SOOOOOOO MUCH people here that’ve confirmed.”

The exchange was first posted to Bored Panda and then to Reddit, where people absolutely slated the absurdity of the bride’s request calling it ‘ludicrous’.

"Hey friend, Just shooting you a text because I'm too cheap and lazy to send out invitations...Oh, and don't forget how greedy I am too. Both me and my fiance bought some cheap beer and carvel cake, so you owe us $250,” one person commented.

“Buy one of those Visa gift cards at stores that say "$25 to $500“ in the top corner. Put $25 on it, tell them it's $250,” another said.

“Umm... Quick question, WHAT??? How do you put a minimum on a gift? Might as well straight up ask people not to come. Cut out all the bulls***,” another said,

One man claimed the same thing had happened to him, with his sister’s wedding.

“It's so weird seeing this post because my sister basically did the exact same thing except she asked for a $300 minimum value gift. At the time I was a broke-ass college student busting my butt. Guess who didn't go to the wedding and basically got yelled at when I called to congratulate them anyways? It's times like this when you really discover what your friends and family are actually like,” he wrote.

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