Bride's 'horrendous' wedding face mask slammed online

As the world begins to acclimatise to life under the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, certain longstanding events and traditions have had to be adapted to a more socially distant world.

Among those is weddings, which now have to skip the dance floor and congratulatory hugs and kisses for 1.5-metre spacing, verbal congratulations and rigorous hand sanitising.

bride and groom in a face protection masks
Wedding masks are a must-have these days, but some are far worse than others. Photo: Getty Images

Many are also opting to make masks mandatory, even for the bride and groom.

The trend has seen a brand new bridal accessory spring up in order to keep safe chic, with bridal masks now a vital part of the wedding wardrobe.

As with anything wedding related, the various styles come in good, bad and ugly, with one version that falls firmly in the latter category this week causing a major stir among wedding enthusiasts online.

The mask in question was not a simple medical affair, but rather incorporated beading and bow work that would make any 80’s fashionista proud, but left the 21st-century brides less than enthused.

Birdal coronavirus safety masks panned over 1980's bows and beaded detailing
The bridal masks have seen observers keeping their distance. Photo: Facebook

Shared to a wedding shaming group, two photos show a voluminous white mask, trimmed with beaded detailing over the top edge. On each side, a huge mesh ribbon with flowered detailing is gathered into a generous bow, with the end streaming down a full 30 cm’s or so for a draped effect.

Not everyone’s cup of organza tea, the concoction was unanimously panned by online users of the group, who decided it could only be described as a ‘horrendous’ response to the new coronavirus safety measures.

“I can’t be the only one who thinks these are hideous!” the woman who shared the photos wrote alongside the images.

She most certainly wasn’t.

Users trash ‘horrendous’ bridal mask

A couple of people wrote that while some masks can be tasteful and elegant, this let the team down tragically.

“Some wedding masks are nice,” one woman wrote. “This one is horrendous.”

“I’ve seen wedding masks that I’ve loved,” another agreed. “This is NOT one of them..... oh dear God.”

“Don’t hate the concept, but the execution is ROUGH,” was another’s takeaway.

Others took particular issue with the side bows, which were compared with a litany of hanging objects including ‘mutton chops’ and ‘side burns’.

Another wasn’t even sure if it was designed for a real-life human wedding at all.

“I didn't realise frill neck lizards could get married,” one man joked.

It’s not the only terrible wedding trend to darken the world of commitment and white gowns of late.

One very avant-garde wedding bodysuit with a transparent overlay option had observers crying ‘turkey breasts!’, after the model was left a little too exposed by the barely-there material.

Another not-so-popular option was a pair of beaded wedge wedding heels which left many horrified at the major misstep on the bride’s big day.

It’s not all poor taste and chunky beads, however. One bride left the internet melting after she chose to wear her grandmother’s 1956 dress unaltered to her 2020 nuptials, resulting in a spectacular final look that restored everyone’s faith in the timelessness of a good old fashioned wedding gown.

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