'Worst sister ever': Bride's jaw-dropping message backfires

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A furious bride's rant about her sister has backfired spectacularly after her attempt to garner sympathy resulted in a savage response from internet users.

The drama unfolded when the bride took to Facebook to moan about a very sticky family situation, only to have a screenshot of the post shared to Reddit where dozens of unimpressed onlookers ripped it to shreds.

Bride text message sister angry
A bride's rant against her sister has backfired. Photo: Getty Images

In the original post, the bride complains that her sister's impending breakup could jeopardise her big day, as the boyfriend had agreed to do photography for her and her future husband free of charge.

Titles 'WORST SISTER EVER' the post outlines the situation in detail.


"So my sister also a bridesmaid messaged me this [morning] telling me she might be leaving her boyfriend of 5 years," she bride explains in the post.

"Yes I told her that I support her but now I'm like ' what about my wedding photographer?'"

She explains that she hasn't allocated a budget for the photos and without the boyfriend the entire day could be ruined.

"Her boyfriend is my free photographer," she writes. "I sure as hell don't have $$ for that in my budget now. Now what?"

The screenshot of the Facebook post was shared to Reddit. Photo: Reddit
The screenshot of the Facebook post was shared to Reddit. Photo: Reddit

Though we're not sure what happened with the wedding, we do know that the post had a slightly different reaction than she probably envisaged.

"WORST SISTER EVER is a perfectly apt title, just not in the way she thinks," one reader pointed out.

"If I were the sister and I read this I wouldn’t be the bridesmaid anymore lol," another wrote.

"The bride should make her sister stay with her boyfriend until the pictures are done," was one sarcastic take. "That's the least her sister can do because the bride's wishes must be fulfilled!"

"This is gross,' another wrote. "How anyone would want to marry someone who can’t even show some love and support for her own sister is beyond me."

It's not the first time a wedding has sparked some seriously bad behaviour from the bride or groom-to-be.

Recently, a bride was slammed after sending a 30-day diet plan with her wedding invitation to her pregnant sister-in-law.

The bride's brother took to Reddit's Am I The A**hole subreddit to share the story after his wife was left mortified by the diet plan, with the detailed post revealing a jaw-dropping tale that left readers astonished.

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