Bride's awkward last request at her wedding: 'One more time'

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When you’ve just married the ‘love of your life’ one would expect you to only have eyes for your new hubby or wifey on your wedding day.

But a bride has stunned her new husband, and onlookers, after making a rather awkward request despite having just said ‘I Do’.

bride one last time hug boyfriend tik tok
She asked her groom to do something 'one last time'. Photo: TikTok/@mayangkumay

A video shared on TikTok shows the blushing bride, Mayang, wearing a stunning jewelled gown, and her new husband greeting guests, one of which is her ex.

When he approaches, she can be seen turning to the groom to ask whether she is able to hug her ex-boyfriend one more time, holding her finger up to indicate the request.


Generally run-ins with the ex can turn out to be less than pleasant, particularly if you’ve moved on with someone else to the point of marrying them.

So huge kudos to the groom for smoothly handling the, what was likely an awkward, encounter.

bride hugs ex boyfriend at wedding
The bride gives her ex a big squeeze. Photo: TikTok/@mayangkumay

The groom gives a curt nod, leaving his bride and her ex to embrace.

The grateful ex goes to shake the husband’s hand in thanks, but he too pulls him in for a hug.

The clip, believed to be from Indonesia, has gone viral online gaining over 5.5M views since it was shared.

Someone had clearly responded to it claiming he would be “angry with the woman” if it were him, to which she simply said “everyone is entitled to their own opinion”.

It proved to be rather divisive, with some people claiming they could see the “hurt” on the groom’s face, while others agreed he “deserved better”.

But there were also plenty who praised the groom for having a “great heart”, pointing out that “at least she’s asking for permission”.

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