Bride dumped after ‘gut-wrenching’ messages to grieving mum

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A bride-to-be who sent 'horrifying' messages to her friend who had lost a child to stillbirth, asking her not to come to the wedding, has since been 'dumped'.

The jaw-dropping exchange between the former friends first went viral last month after screenshots of the conversation were shared on Facebook and have again resurfaced to a fresh round of horror.

grieving mum

A grieving mum was left devastated by messages from a bride. Photo: Getty

Though it seems the bride may have got her comeuppance, with new messages posted to Reddit by the grieving friend, explaining the woman was dumped by her fiancé.

In the inital exchange, the bride - who has also been described as a “human pile of trash” - begins by asking her bereaved friend if she will still be attending her wedding.

“I was thinking maybe you shouldn’t. I don’t mean to be harsh but I thought you’d be over what happened by now," the message read.

selfish bride facebook messages

The selfish bride doubled down. Photo: Reddit

facebook messages shocking bride on Reddit

The woman quickly ended the friendship. Photo: Reddit

bride messages to mum of stillborn

The bride didn't want the mum at the wedding anymore. Photo: Reddit

“You cried today just 'cause some lady had a baby, it’s just a bit dramatic and lots of people don’t know yet 'cause apparently you aren’t ready to tell people.

“I think if you don’t tell people, you shouldn’t come, like I’m trying to be as nice about this as I can but everyone will be asking why you aren’t pregnant and I don’t want them distracted from making me feel special.”


Understandably, the - now very much former - friend couldn't believe the insensitive messages, going on to call the bride "trash".

Two bridesmaids helping an angry bride

The bride was apparently then 'dumped' over the foul messages. Photo: Getty

"So let me get this straight. You don’t want me at your wedding because the fact my baby f***ing died might ruin YOUR day," she responded.

But the bridezilla was apparently having non of it: "You're being really selfish it’s been two months how much time do you really need? It’s not like you knew her.”

The exchange quickly blew up online with plenty of people equally outrageous about the bride's selfishness.

“Wow! What the f**k is wrong with people? She needs to send this to the groom, so he can see how his future wife is acting," was one comment.

While another said: "When she said, ‘It’s not like you knew her,’ my jaw DROPPED. This is the most gut-wrenching thing to read."

how dare you

Unbelievable! Photo: Giphy

New unverified posts shared to Imgur last week now claim the bride was dumped for her outrageous rant, with the former friend writing she "got what she deserved".

She also shared subsequent Facebook comments that also appear to be from the bride continuing to blame the mum for ruining things, going so far as to say "bet most people agree".

Though again it was clear that most people definitely didn't.

"You are tragic," one person wrote.

While another agreed: "Wow you're an actual oxygen thief! I hope everyone sh**s on your parade for eternity."

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