Bride slammed for 'trashy' act after wedding: 'Slap in the face'

A bride and groom have come under fire online after selling their expensive wedding gifts on Instagram — where many of their guests follow them.

Posting a photo on the popular online forum Reddit, a friend shared a screenshot of the couple's Instagram story, showing a Samsonite Luggage set for sale.

A bride and groom stand in front of their wedding party, on the grass, the groom is holding a firework
The bride and groom's decision has sparked outrage. Photo: Getty

“Selling this luggage set! We got it as a wedding present and I forgot to return it…” the screenshot reads. “Never used and still in the box! (Black version), $450 or best offer! DM me if interested!”

The picture of the luggage set shows it regularly retails for $809, so the couple is willing to let it go for almost half the price.


According to the friend, nobody was brave enough to call out the couple yet, but it ‘tracks’ with the newlywed’s personalities.

Explaining that the couple thought it was too ‘tacky’ to ask for cash, and instead chose to register for expensive gifts and then sell them — the friend labelled the newlyweds as ‘trashy’.

“I wish Instagram stories had comments! I’m sure they would’ve been a sh*t show,” the friend added.

Screenshot of an Instagram story showing a Samsonite luggage set for sale
People have labelled this move as 'tacky' and 'rude'. Photo: Reddit/weddingshaming

Other Reddit users were quick to condemn the couple, with one saying it feels ‘needlessly rude’.

“I’d be so ticked if I saw them 1) sell my gift! 2) sell my gift for 1/2 of what I paid for it!” one person wrote.

“This literally hurts my heart. Omg, it’s so awful. Can you imagine being the person who splurged on this for them?!! I literally don’t care AT ALL if this was an off-registry gift, IT DOESN’T MATTER, this is unacceptably cruel and cold. If they didn’t want it for some reason, they should subtly gift it to someone who can use it,” a second added.

“Well isn’t that just a slap in the face? If I gifted it, I would totally ask for it back,” another chimed in.

“If this was my gift and I saw this story, I’d never speak to these people again,” a user commented.

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