Bride shocks with 'nasty' engagement ring: 'I hate it here'

A bride-to-be has shocked with her ‘nasty’ engagement ring, after her fiancé put his blood, sweat and tears into her ring — literally.

Sharing a photo of the ring, which at first glance looks like a simple red stone, she revealed that the ring is filled with her fiancé’s blood.

L: An engaged couple show off the ring while on a video call. R: A photo of a bride's pale hand with an engagement ring on it, with a red stone
The bride-to-be has been slammed online, after sharing a photo of her ring. Photo: Getty & Facebook/That's it, I'm wedding shaming

She took to Facebook to ask a simple question, without realising how people would react to the ‘blood ring’.

“Has anyone else opted out of a wedding band? I love my engagement ring so much, it has my fiancé’s blood in it and it is so special to me,” she began.

“I’d rather that be put on my finger at the wedding instead of a band. I would have to get a custom one to fit my ring and I don’t know, I just don’t want to.”


The post was shared in a popular wedding shaming group on Facebook, and quickly went viral as people expressed their disgust.

“What if secretly he was grossed out and that’s not his blood,” one person joked.

“I’m fine with one ring…as long as it’s not filled with BLOOD! What in the actual f**k?” someone asked.

"I hate it here," a third wrote.

“I’m glad she loves it and is happy. It is heinous though,” another member added.

The bride-to-be said that her custom ring only cost $300 to make, and in a twist, this isn’t the only type of ‘body fluid’ jewellery that’s out there.

After one group member said that it would be ‘breast milk’ rings next, a slew of comments revealed that ‘breast milk’ jewellery is actually extremely popular.

“It’s a thing. The [breast milk] ring I saw was actually beautiful, looked like an opal. The artist does some sort of epoxy,” a member explained.

“This reminds me of the time I tried to cyber bully a lady in my neighbourhood group for wanting a necklace with BREAST MILK in it, and much to my surprise, like 94 passionate mothers came for me,” another admitted.

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